Brilliance from The London Times


“I have no clue how to weigh up the supposed evils of Batista versus the supposed evils of Castro; and I hear, but can’t evaluate, the anti-Castro stuff on the web. The Huffington Post has its own special Cuba page, which is worth a look.

I was won over by the statistics for the improvements in health care post up iin Havana’s Museum of the Revolution.”

Mary Beard

“Mary Beard is a wickedly subversive (emphasis by intransigent poster) commentator on both the modern and the ancient world. She is a professor in classics at Cambridge and classics editor of the TLS.” says her London Times Bio

Right! Gurgling over Cuba’s fabulous health care is so “wickedly subversive” for a College professor!

Note that for Cuba data the good professor recommends the Huffington Post. So why am I not surprised such reading would leave the good professor “ambivalent” between Batista (when Cuba had more doctors and dentists per-capita than Britain, a higher standard of living than Ireland and net immigration) and Castro (when…well….) and that such a source would also render the good professor completely credulous regarding the health care marvels advertised in Havana’s Museo de la Revolucion?

Folks keep in mind the London Times is regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious newspapers. And this is hardly their first “ambivalence” regarding Fidel Castro’s achievements.

Their earlier ambivalence was treated intransigently here:

“During the 1980s,” continues the London Times editorial, “one could still argue that Castro’s dictatorship was preferable to its US-backed counterparts in Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua or El Salvador, which went one step farther by murdering thousands of their citizens.”

Here one blinks, looks again – and gapes. Forget for a second that none of those regimes abolished private property, free travel, free speech. None abolished free enterprise and mandated food rations for its subjects. None set up government snitch groups on every city block. Forget that far from being “US-backed counterparts,” Pinochet’s Chile and Somoza’s Nicaragua had economic sanctions slapped on them by Jimmy Carter. Forget the peripheral ignorance; let’s look at the central stupidity.

You long to believe otherwise, you grope for an extenuation, you hope you misread – but it’s inescapable: The editorial staff of the world’s most prestigious newspaper is unaware that Castro’s regime killed people.


Update – Monday August 30, 2010 by Val Prieto, founder and editor, Babalú Blog:

Welcome London Times readers. My response to Ms. Beard’s comments about this web site on her latest piece about her short sojourn in Cuba can be found right here.

11 thoughts on “Brilliance from The London Times”

  1. Humberto –

    OK, let’s shelve the fact this person’s obviously either a political moron or a communist asset, and just cut to the chase.

    Ain’t it amazing, the way they always look like this? You get the impression she’s never far from her broomstick, just in case she wants to fly down to see her maximo health-care provider?

    Is she receiving ‘health care’ from her idol?

    But whether they’re locking arms on the beach to protest (insert cause du jour here) ‘big oil’, ‘turtles’, ‘condos’, etc., or yelping about the evils of nuclear power, they always look like this person.

    Doesn’t londonistan have laws against going out in public knowingly dressed and groomed in such manner that they’re certain to frighten the children and livestock?

    Let this one go to Cuba, check into a ‘hospital’, and feel the love.

    It’s oh so easy for these types – and we know them well – to gass off about being ‘wildly subversive’, from the comfort of their little ivory towers and comfy townhomes, wafting their cranial flatulence around the room, reading proust, and never for one moment feeling the horror they prescribe for the rest of us.

    For all their 60s rhetoric about nonconformity, they all look the same. Dumpy. Disheveled. Humorless dullards. Soulless goons shilling for marx.

    How very original of them.

    And they can fly straight back to where she came from.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    25 August, 2010

  2. “They always look like this.” Yes they do, the same as they did in 1968, minus the ahem, assets of youth. I know, I’m of that generation but somehow managed to “grow up,” something I think far too many baby boomers failed to do. Maybe it was the drugs, or maybe too many of them were spoiled rotten brats. I thank my parent’s everyday that they made me work. Unlike the greatest generation, the world will need some serious rehab when the flower children exit.

  3. Yes Ziva,

    All those flower children’s brains were fried with all the drugs they consumed.

    Nothing else explains so much stupidity coming from them.

  4. Amigos, forget the obvious space-cadets for a second. My point here is The London Times–the most prestigious paper on earth –IS UNAWARE THAT CASTRO KILLED PEOPLE!!! and has bought into the entire Castroite mantra!…as has most of the rest of the world!!!

    THAT’S what we’re up against here at Babalu! You talk about a lonely battle!–and against long odds!


  5. Humberto why you intransigent you! Get with the program amigo, don’t you know that as an exiled Batistiano, who is salivating, fervently waiting all these years to reclaim your property, re-open your casino, and re-start all your nefarious capitalist activities that oppresses the Cuban underclass (large population there thanks to el monstro) you are supposed to keep your mouth shut! How dare you criticize the regime, who do you think you are, a real Cuban? (Sarcasm)
    Seriously, Steve and I were just discussing earlier this evening that the world has gone mad. How else to explain the widespread ignorance among the supposedly well educated. A couple of generations of mindless pro-commie feel good curriculum in our public schools and in the media is all it took to turn the brightest of American minds into indoctrinated mush globs. Scares the hell out of me.

  6. I was having an argument about Cuba with a Brit once, and I argued that Britain managed to get “universal health care” without any firing squads. He asked, “what firing squads?”

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Britain is the birthplace of communism, and the British left is one nasty bunch.

  7. This is really too much. You are all so smart, creative and funny. The world that fights the truth and spreads the lies is so unworthy of respect. I despair.

  8. This Beard woman looks like the airhead version of the witch from Snow White. She sounds even worse, like a vacillating, fence-sitting, can’t-make-up-my-mind twit. Presumably she would have felt the same was about Stalin or Mao. We’re talking serious embarrassment here. What a loser! And THIS sort of person is taken seriously? I mean, give me a fucking break. On this evidence, I wouldn’t buy anything this fool says about anything, least of all Cuba. Talk about bogus.

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