Intransigent, embittered fanatics oblivious to U.S. national interest urged embargo


Against South Africa, that is. And here’s the most voiciferous, (the Congressional Black Caucus) meeting with the Cuban “President.”

“In any business dealings with (South Africa) we become tainted by association! We urge a policy of comprehensive sanctions. Of total disinvestment, a complete ban on imports and exports!” (Congressional Black Caucus co-founder Ron Dellums, 1986.)

“The U.S. has held ideals of freedom for more than 200 years and we should not tolerate their abrogation by any other country!..I urge adoption of a policy that demonstrates our total abhorrence of apartheid!”” (Congressional Black Caucus founder Charles Rangel, 1986)

We need to…eliminate the trade embargo on Cuba!” Congressional Black Caucus Chairperson Barbara Lee this week.

Segregation should be “abhorred”, apparently. But Stalinism COMBINED with segregation embraced.


Those very Cubans for whom Rep. Lee claims to speak, see a democratic and prosperous future for themselves foiled by the schemes of the Congressional Black Caucus.

“Opening the floodgates to American tourism will only serve to provide the Castro regime with much needed funds that would help them continue their repression and subjugation of the Cuban people” , stressed Antunez just last week during a call with Babalu blog.

A letter signed by almost 500 Cuba-based dissidents last month and addressed to the U.S. Congress echoes the prisoners’ plea and implores the U.S. legislature to thwart the Congressional Black Caucus and thus refrain from further enriching and emboldening the Stalinist torturers who run Cuba.

But what do these people know?

From her Capitol Hill throne Queen Barbara Lee seems to know much better. “Let them eat Patipanza,” sounds like her remedy.

Our friends at Townhall help spread the entire intransigence.


5 thoughts on “Intransigent, embittered fanatics oblivious to U.S. national interest urged embargo”

  1. Ah, but the government of South Africa wasn’t socialist, you see. That’s the difference and the crux of the matter.

  2. Someone should send the CBC the article about the blacks being harassed and imprisoned now in Cuba in, as Humberto so eloquently put it, the Stalinist segregationist government of Cuba.

  3. I should have said in Cuba by, as Humberto so eloquently put it, the Stalinist segregationist, Fidel Castro and his brother.

  4. There really ought to be a Nobel Prize for Hypocrisy. Of course, with SO many worthy candidates, it might be impossible to decide on a winner. These CBC people are so full of it it’s revolting. The least they could do, as evidence of minimal sense and borderline decency, is to stay the hell out of the Cuba issue if they can’t bring themselves to call a spade a spade.

  5. So why is the CBC so interested in aiding and abetting the Castro regime? What’s in it for them? Surely they have other far more suitable fish to fry, so WHY? Could it be that Cuban exiles, who came here with nothing, not even knowledge of the English language, somehow managed, in record time, to achieve a remarkable level of success in an alien society, largely through their own efforts and without government assistance? Could this achievement be making somebody jealous, or defensive? Food for thought.

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