Peaceful march in Banes by members of the Cuban resistance

The resistance in Cuba is growing.

Translated from the website of the Cuban Democratic Directorate:

Members of the Resistance conduct a peaceful march and protest in front of a park in Banes.
08/25/2010 | The Cuban Democratic Directorate

Banes, Holguín. 24 of August, 2010. Various activists, members of the civic resistance in Cuba, participated in a peaceful march on the streets of Banes, in the Holguín province, reaching the Mariana Grajales park on Tuesday, August 24th.

The activists were able to reach the soccer stadium of the park, where they read the following statement:

“We are here at the Mariana Grajales park in the Holguín province town of Banes, a group of pro-democracy activists from different opposition organizations as a call from the National Front for Civic Resistance and Civil Disobedience Orlando Zapata Tamayo for Cubans to take to the streets in a peaceful and visible manner to demand liberty and the rights of Cubans.  We are here on the main street, in front of the soccer stadium, demanding immediate and unconditional liberty for all Cuban political prisoners and the end of repression in our country.

“With us is the Feminist Movement Rosa Parks, the Political Prisoners Pedro Luis Boitel, and the Oriental Democratic Alliance, all members of the National Front for Civic Resistance and Civil Disobedience Orlando Zapata Tamayo, demanding from the Castro tyranny that it cease its repressive practices and harassment against Reina Luisa Tamayo Danger, mother of the martyr Orlando Zapata Tamayo, as well as the promoters of the Cuban Youth Forum.”

Among the participants of the activity were: Ernesto Mederos Arrozarena, Gertrudis Ojeda Suárez, Yoandri Naoski Ricardo Mir, and Marta Díaz Rondón, who reported this news via Radio República.

The participants emphasized their worry for the young members of the Resistance and organizers of the Cuban Youth Forum who were recently arrested and are now on a hunger strike demanding their immediate release. (Link: Activists who took part in the protest on the steps of the University of Havana and in Baracoa will be processed)