Warning: Put Down Your Morning Coffee Before Reading

Well, I guess it’s officially official now. The U.S.A. is the world’s biggest human rights nightmare … according to Obama:

Move over Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria. The State Department has made it official: The United States violates human rights. In an unprecedented move, the Obama administration submitted a report to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights detailing the progress and problems in dealing with human rights issues in this country. The document is a strange combination of left-wing history and White House talking points.

It describes how the United States discriminates against the disabled, homosexuals, women, Native Americans, blacks, Hispanics and those who don’t speak English. There is the expected pandering to Muslims, noting that the government is committed to “challenge misperceptions and discriminatory stereotypes, to prevent acts of vandalism and to combat hate crimes,” offenses that the American people evidently keep committing. And the current economic woes are blamed on the housing crisis, which itself was the result of “discriminatory lending practices.” The implication is that if Americans had only been less racist, they would be enjoying prosperity today.

The report notes that until recently, the U.S. engaged in torture, unlawfully detained terrorist suspects and illegally spied on Americans communicating with terrorists – but the report assures readers that Mr. Obama has been putting a stop to all that.

The main impact of the document will be to confirm critiques of the United States as a haven for hatred and rights abuses. […]

Harmless enough, you say, it’s just the idiotic U.N. … Heh! I say:

Dictatorships, authoritarian regimes and theocracies competing for legitimacy on the world stage have been handed a potent new weapon, the kind of assessment they would never offer about their own governments.

Read in full at The Washington Times. And here is Report of the United States of America Submitted to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights In Conjunction with the Universal Periodic Review

You may now reach for your coffee … or something stronger.

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  1. I must be living in a different country that I thought was the USA….I work with gays, African-Americans, women, men, hispanics and Haitians who speak almost no English, people of different religions, including Muslims, people with barely 8th grade education as well as people with Phd’s, and I happen to be an intransigent Cuban-American, white, straight, extremely conservative, Reagan Republican, firm believer in God, and for the life of me have not encountered any human rights violations. Imagine that!

  2. These people don’t have a clue what the actual United States is like. There is Cambridge, MA, part of Manhattan, Berkeley, Chicago, and Hollywood. The rest is flyover country.

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