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José Cárdenas on how the Obama administration is fumbling with not only U.S.-Cuba policy, but our relationships in the rest of Latin America as well.

For weeks now, the Obama administration has been leaking to reporters its intention to modify U.S. travel regulations to Cuba. Reportedly, the administration will announce the policy change during the current congressional recess to avoid political blowback (so much for the courage of their convictions.)

In short, the new policy won’t move the needle much on U.S.-Cuba relations or in Cuba itself. It won’t translate into an economic windfall the Castro regime desperately needs nor are visits to Cuba by the American Ballet Theater likely to embolden ordinary Cubans to pressure for internal change anytime soon.

The biggest problem with the announcement is the timing is all wrong. Not only are any policy changes that could be construed as lessening the isolation of the Castro brothers’ barbaric and unrepentant regime counter-productive at this point, they muddy the real issues at hand.

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  1. But did you read the comments? Everyone was against this article and full of the usual arguments for lifting the embargo.

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