Three protestors arrested yesterday in Cuba

The repression and crackdown on the opposition in Cuba continues. Where is Super Jaime when you need him?

Via Uncommon Sense:

3 protesters arrested today in Havana


Sara Fonseca

Cuban human rights activist Sara Martha Fonseca Quevedo refuses to back down against the Castro dictatorship, and for that she was arrested today for the second time in 10 days — and emerged as a new hero in the struggle against the Castro dictatorship.

Fonseca and two other activists, Eriberto Liranza Romero and Ermógenes Guerrero Gómez, were demonstrating for the release of eight other activists arrested at the University of Havana and in eastern Cuba last week, when police swept in and took them away. One report stated that Fonseca was literally dragged down a street by police.

Their whereabouts this evening were not known.

Fonseca had also been arrested last week at during the University of Havana protest Aug. 16, along with four other activists. Fonseca and one other detainee were released shortly afterward.

The other five political prisoners had been arrested after protests a week earlier in Baracoa, in far eastern Cuba, demanding the release of two other dissidents who had been arrested — Liranza and another man. Amnesty International this week called for the international community to take “urgent action” on their behalf.

Fonseca is a hero, not only because of her courage and willingness to take her protests against the Castro system to the streets. She is to be doubly admired because she does so on behalf of her fellow freedom fights.

Cuba needs more of its citizens to follow her example.

Cuban Democratic Directorate has more.

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  1. Don’t be so harsh on Super Jaime! He’s just waiting for these dissidents to become permanent threats to the stability of the regime [at this point, its too soon to tell, they may just quietly go back to their everyday life] and then faster than a speeding locomotive, and in a single bound, he’ll arrange an exit to Spain or the USA!

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