Here’s another Castro Plot: The JFK Assassination

After the well publicized Castrodamus article by MSM (Mainstream Media) and posted here by Drillanwr I am prompted to share with you a video that I saw. It was a couple of years, maybe more and I was searching through the internet for videos and I ran into one very interesting one. The name of the video was “Rendezvous with Death: Why John F. Kennedy Had to Die.” It  was directed by a German man, Wilfried Huismann. The video was on Google Video and it was incredible. In those day it was very hard to grab a video from the internet so I could not get a hold of it. The very next day, the video was gone, no where to be found. Anyways, here’s an article from 2006, explaining a little about the “possibility” of Castro ordering the assassination of the beloved  and adored John F. Kennedy:

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The documentary aired in 2006. Was Fidel involved with the JFK assassination?

Here he is making accusations to the MSM and they print it, of course. Let’s bring up the notion of Fidel Castro orchestrating the “murder” of J.F.K.  If you agree with Castrodamus and/or believe that there is a strong possibility of Osama Bin Ladin working for the CIA, then the possibility of his participation in the killing of an American President becomes even more feasible. Just look back in history read about the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis which occurred a few years prior to the Kennedy assassination. My friends, you don’t even have to take an intro course on Probability and Statistics to realize this. 1+1 =2 is good enough!

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  1. “Veteran US official Alexander Haig told the filmmaker that Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon B Johnson, believed Cuba was to blame and feared a pronounced swing to the right if the truth were known that would keep the Democrats out of power for a long time.”

    We are now under the boot heel of this Democratic party, power mad then, and power mad now, no matter the cost.

    I’ll keep my thoughts on who killed Kennedy to myself, but Johnson and the democratic party then and now is scum.

  2. No one talks about Oswald taking a shot with the same rifle at Ret. Gen. Oliver Walker some three week before he shot Kennedy, he missed by inches. Oswald was a failure at everything except at being consistent 48-49 out of 50 shots in the USMC 250 yard siloute rifle range, Kennedy was at about 80 yards so he missed one shot out of three since Kennedy was a slow moving target, the one shot going thru Kennedy and Connely is easily explained: the governor was sitting at a lower elevation that the President and slighly to the left front as designed in the GM limo for which blueprints are available today, this one shot was precisely duplicated with the resulting hardly damaged bullet recovered since it pierced no bones. Oswald was factually at the Cuba Embassy in Mexico City not more that a month and a half before he shot Kennedy, where, in my opinion, he was supplied with the psycotropic drugs he ingested that morning for a steady pulse and detachtment (no toxicology was performed after his death) he fully intended to escape back to Mexico (welcomed by Cuba or not)as demonstrated by his murder of PO Tippitt that same morning, he was a fanatic hell bent on fame for saving Castro, he managed his “Hands Off Cuba ” propaganda in New Orleans also fully documented, this not just a 1+2=3 issue, its more like 1+1+1+1+…= MANY, so why there any doubt he shot Kennedy in behalf of Castro?

    • Oswald had many contacts with many intelligence agencies. After I have my second coffee I’ll cogitate a response. (Since JFK was shot on my seventh birthday the assassination, and it’s awful effect on the country, has a been an ongoing obsession of mine.)

  3. As LBJ has been noted (off the record, of course) of saying, “Castro got Kennedy before Kennedy could get Castro.” Bet your culo on it.

  4. One thing rarely brought out

    is that Castro was involved

    in a considerable number of

    assassinations before

    attacking Moncada.

    I really wish I had known that as

    a young man …

  5. In addition, most of the murders

    that Castro was involved in

    were team efforts

    (with the possible exception of his attack on Masferrer)

    Castro it seems was usually the

    finger man

    (the locator and identifier)

  6. Seeing old pictures of the Kennedys, I’m always struck at how much the surface appearances, the image and accompanying mythology, managed to fool so many so much for so long. There are still people who buy into this plastic feel-good make-believe tripe. Unreal.

  7. “I’ll keep my thoughts on who killed Kennedy to myself, but Johnson and the democratic party then and now is scum.”


  8. Hello Jose,
    I recorded the documentary back in 06. Unfortunately it is in VHS PAL format and the audio is in German. I mailed 2 copies out. One went to Val Prieto at this Blog and another to La Ventanita.

  9. Sorry, just got home. Great responses! The Democrat party was scum, LBJ put us in the Vietnam Conflict, it wasn’t even a war. Kennedy was a prick and the lefty Media along with the Chicago mob helped him win the election. This was crucial and if Nixon would have won, Cuba would be free now! The Bay of Pigs would have been a success and there would never had been a Cuban Missile Crisis. Kennedy won by 113,000 votes and of course, Illinois. There was so much “Monkey Business” going on in the early 60’s, which reminds me of now.

    Decaffeine, hello! You can convert VHS to DVD and then to FLV.

  10. “There was so much “Monkey Business” going on in the early 60’s, which reminds me of now.”

    Today = Monkey Business * 10

  11. I beg to differ on Viet Nam. We should have hung tough, and moved to consolidate, as we were, contrary to MSM and leftist revisionist history, winning that war. The bloody aftermath would have been prevented.

  12. Absolutely Ziva,

    The consequences of the actions of LBJ and the Democrats led to a whole bunch of American kids killed in a bloody quagmire and millions in SEA in the aftermath of the Communist takeover.

    Unfortunately LBJ had already caused too much damage that Richard Nixon could not turn the tide in SEA and the rest is history.

    That’s why I give full credit to George W. Bush for hanging tough during the dark and difficult times in Iraq and turned it around when many liberals and the MSM were conspiring to turn Iraq into another SEA debacle.

    I also feel that George W. Bush had some people in his administration that made some bad decisions that gave plenty of ammo to the lefties cause that almost derailed the Iraqi mission.

    And yet George W. Bush hanged tough and turned it around at the end. I give him full credit for his actions.

    Although Iraq is still unstable in some areas at least it has a chance of one day overcoming today’s obstacles (unless the Marxist, Muslim anti-American bullshit artist totally drops the ball on them after our troops are gone, time will only tell).

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