Spain makes it clear which side they’re on

Two prominent members of Spain’s ruling Socialist Workers Party will be visiting Cuba this week. The trip by Leire Pajín, the PSOE’s secretary for Organization, and Elena Valenciano, secretary for International Policy, is drawing criticism from members of the Popular Party, Spain’s opp0sition.

The reason behind the criticisms is the fact that these two Spanish officials will be meeting with officials from the Cuban regime as well as officials from the Catholic Church. There will, however, be absolutely no meetings whatsoever with any members of the opposition in Cuba.

Once again, the Spanish government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero makes it undeniably clear that their interest lies in helping and appeasing the dictatorial regime in Cuba, not the brave members of the opposition that are risking life and limb to obtain freedom.The Spanish government, and by its complicity the Church in Cuba, have picked sides, and they have chosen the side of the oppressor.

Remember that the next time someone tries to sell you the story that Spain and the Church are working to help Cubans achieve freedom.

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  1. This was clear long ago to anyone with eyes to see, but maybe now the legally blind can figure it out also.

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