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The same folks the idiot lunatic liberal/progressive fringe want to manage our finances, our healthcare, etc.:

The Veterans Affairs Administration is spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars every year to maintain hundreds of buildings – most of them vacant – that have fallen into such a state of disrepair that many of them are considered health hazards, an investigation by reveals.

Exactly how much it costs to maintain the run-down and abandoned buildings is a matter of dispute. The General Accountability Office estimates that the VA has spent $175 million every year since 2007. But the VA disputes that figure, saying it spent $85 million on the buildings in 2007 and only $37 million last year.

Whatever the figure, the timing couldn’t be worse for the VA, as tens of thousands of American troops, many of whom have served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, prepare to return to the U.S. and will require the expensive medical, psychological and support services it provides.

From Augusta, Ga., to Menlo Park, Calif., from Milwaukee, Wis., to Perry Point, Md., the VA maintains 5,507 buildings across the country. But as many as 314 of them are currently vacant — and they require huge outlays of money just to remain standing.

2 thoughts on “Brought to you by…”

  1. Surely this administration team members (and POTUS himself) don’t know their head from their asses when it comes to sound fiscal policy (among many other things they don’t know).

    I wonder where they bought their Economy degrees from because they surely did not learned the basis in school.

  2. Sell ’em to UPS or FedEx — or even “No, Que Barato” and they will be up and running and operational in no time.

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