A tale of two “Confessions”


“I have sinned! Philandered…I’m sorry!” (Rev. Jimmy Swaggart, Feb. 1988)

MSM says: “LIAR! FRAUD! HYPOCRITE!…and you rustic idiots who believe him, MORONS! BRAIN-DEAD YOKELS! LED AROUND BY THE NOSE!!! IDIOTS!”


“Now about the mass-jailing, torturing and murdering of all those Cuban gays…um, sorry, really didn’t mean to…wasn’t my fault, actually..” (Fidel Castro, Sept. 2010)

MSM says: “AWWWWWWW…that’s touching…we understand…when can we get you on Oprah for a standing ovation and a teary-eyed hug.”


2 thoughts on “A tale of two “Confessions””

  1. judging by the guy’s increasingly senile conspiracy rants, i think the guy knows his time is near and apparently thinks god will consider his half-truths with as much enthusiasm as the media

  2. But Humberto, one might think you’re actually surprised. The saddest thing is that any gay person would ever buy this load of bullshit. Reynaldo Arenas sure as hell would NOT.

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