Fidel’s “Fifo: Live and Unplugged (from life support)” Tour adds new dates

Fidel Castro’s concert tour throughout the island continues as new dates are added. The tour, “Fifo: Live and Unplugged (from life support),” has just added the University of Havana to the list of concert performances.

Fidel Castro to speak to university students

(CNN) — Fidel Castro is planning to speak to students at the University of Havana Friday morning, state media reported.

The speech comes on the heels of a string of recent public appearances by Castro, 84, who spent years out of the spotlight and only recently resurfaced. The former Cuban leader fell ill and transferred power to his brother in 2006.

Castro will speak from the steps of the 282-year-old university at 7:30 a.m. in an event that will be broadcast live on state television, the state-run website Cubadebate reported Thursday. His appearance comes amid “the danger of a new war in the Middle East with unpredictable consequences for the world,” the site said.

In the past two months, Castro has addressed a special session of parliament, appeared in a rare interview on state television and conducted interviews with foreign media.

I hear concert shirts and tour memorabilia will be available for purchase at the concert.

3 thoughts on “Fidel’s “Fifo: Live and Unplugged (from life support)” Tour adds new dates”

  1. Let me tell you, it would be priceless if Cagastro would run into a medical emergency during one of these public events.

    I think that he’s getting too cocky for his own good…

  2. castro is speaking there to neutralize the dissidents who were arrested there. He knows that if the students rise up he is sunk.

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