You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover


Watch out Fidel! It seems the fashion police is after you. Why, because you decided to wear this “out of style” military uniform. Here, the report released by Associated Press:

Fidel Castro dusted off his full military uniform

for the first time since stepping down as president four years ago, a symbolic act in a communist country where little signals often carry enormous significance.

The revolutionary leader wore the olive-green cap and uniform — minus the star and laurels he held as commander in chief — at a speech yesterday to students at the University of Havana. The clothing choice was sure to revive speculation that the 84-year-old is seeking a larger role in Cuban politics after turning power over to his younger brother Raul.

Mr Castro repeated his warning that the world stands on the brink of a nuclear conflagration due to tension pitting the United States and Israel against Iran. He has returned to the message almost daily since emerging from seclusion in July….. Read More

Fidel’s advisory messages and critical warnings have been echoing around the “World” for the last month. The Mainstream Media has led the charge and has been force feeding us with Fidel’s concerns, this here must have been the 10th time they have reminded the readers with this, nuclear attack. Or could it be that they have nothing else to write about? It has become more evident lately with these repetitious news feeds.

But now the dress mode Fidel chose to deliver a 35 minute speech in front of Cuban students, has become an issue too. Maybe the Mainstream Media should abide by the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” This should make things more clearer for them and would help them understand Fidel further. Why should changing back to dressing with a military uniform after confirming a new “look” consisting of dress pants and casual shirts be a factor? This doesn’t particularly signify that Fidel has changed back to his old evil perspectives and has abandoned his new good intentions. Does it really matter how one dresses? The Mainstream Media is out of line here with Fidel’s military uniform.


I guess the Mainstream Media were somehow convinced and actually thought Fidel had made some type of effort to change from his old ways. You know, the egotistical, authoritative, conniving, cynical, murdering terrorist type of person. The one he has always been and has proudly portrayed for all his life. But he was “Out of seclusion” just a few weeks ago, parading around with journalists and showing off the aquarium. What happened?

Does it really matter how Fidel Castro dresses and can anyone possibly think that he is trying to redeem himself from the past? The day will come when the world will learn the truth about Fidel Castro and truly understand.


Here’s something so amazing, take a look at the definition of the word “Cynical” here. Maybe should had made a minor adjustment so the readers would get a better idea of the exact definition of this word. (Click on image below to ENLARGE):

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6 thoughts on “You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover”

  1. This MSM article on castro’s return to an olive-green military uniform demonstrates several things about them:

    A] Their frivolity.
    B] Their continual inability to report on what’s really important inside Cuba [i.e. the dissidents] and instead continually focus on castro
    C] Their mistaken perception that everyone is as interested in castro as they themselves are. I mean, does every utterance or action , let us say, of President Sarkozy–a democratically elected head of state of one of the most important countries in world—become news? I don’t remember reading so many insignificant details about him or any other head-of-state as I do about castro.
    D] Their continual spin that Cuba was somehow democratizing, thus their surprise at seeing castro dressing anew in his military garb.
    E] And their continual smokescreen. Much more interesting is castro’s blunders, his inability to make a coherent speech, his need to be held up by aids because he can’t walk, his senility, etc.. But, alas, like obedient little puppy dogs, they don’t report on these things and instead only repeat Cuba’s press releases or keep to safe topics like speculation about his uniform.

  2. Military uniform? Try costume. Neither Castro I nor II is or ever has been genuine military. Arnaldo Ochoa, whom they executed, THAT was military. This is merely posturing, which Fidel Caca, who should have been a professional actor, has been doing his entire fucking life.

    And yes, I AM ashamed to have it known that I come from a country where a decrepit, doddering demagogue and dictator-for-life, playing dress-up, is STILL front and center spouting gibberish, apparently still in control, after half a century of countless crimes, misery and abject failure. This is perfectly in character for Latrine America, but Cuba should (and would) have been WAY beyond that by now, had it not lost a democratic system.

    And Rayarena, right on all counts. Unfortunately, you can’t embarrass people who have no shame. I find it increasingly difficult to respect anybody who trusts the MSM.

  3. Asombra,

    I like that moniker, “Fidel Caca!” That is the most accurate description that I have EVER heard of castro! And yes, you hit the nail on the head: castro should have been an actor, not the head of a country. He has, after all, been acting all of his life, everything about him is a lie from start to finish, a cheap Vaudville performance: his legendary courage [pusillanimity is more like it], his single handed defeat of Batista [he was hiding in the Sierra Mountains, while the real revolutionaries were fighting in the cities], his victory at Bahia de Cochinos [given to him by Kennedy on a silver platter], his wonderful achievements in medicine [a country where not even the most elementary medicine is available], etc..

  4. Yes indeed, Cagastro’s bullshit act has gone on for way too long because he has way too many backers and enablers (the MSM being the number one culprit).

  5. Study that face at the top of the post. It’s the face of a born BS artist. He’s still at it. It’s all he knows. However, at this very late stage, he’s beside the point. The real issue, the real scandal and disgrace now, is that anybody, anywhere, would still buy his warmed-over cow manure, or even pretend to buy it. It’s beyond contemptible.

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