Another reason to thank Spain

Here is another reason we should be thanking Spain for negotiating the banishment of 52 Cuban prisoners of conscience: it alleviates some of the overcrowding in Cuba’s prisons as the Castro regime continues to arrest, and imprison new members of the opposition.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

More Dissidents Arrested Than Released

at 9:46 AM Friday, September 3, 2010

During the month of August, the Castro regime arrested more dissidents than it released (or more precisely, banished to Spain).

According to the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN), last month there were 71 documented police raids on dissidents, which resulted in 184 arrests.

Of these, eight dissidents appear to be facing long prison terms — five in the eastern city of Baracoa and three in Havana.

Meanwhile, only six political prisoners were banished to Spain by the Castro regime — and none released in Cuba.

Yet somehow, only the six banishments seem to get general media attention.


In the meantime, another spot in the Castro gulag has just opened up as another prisoner of conscience has just been banished to Spain.

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  1. So have you people gotten a load of the two Spanish socialist bitches currently being wined and dined in Havana by the Castro-Ortega crowd? They look like escapees from a cheap circus. Next to them, Hillary Clinton, hell, even Michelle Obama, looks MIGHTY distinguished. The two zapateras don’t even look remotely professional, I mean, it’s fucking sad. Take a look:

  2. The Spanish it seems have never viewed Cubans as human: Here is something from 1870:

    The Gleaner City Edition Monday, July 35, 1870 “CUBA All the masons who were recently arrested have been released on bail to appear for trial. The cholera has appeared in Cuba, The vomito does not not increase, but small pox is unusually prevalent and virulent. The slave owners held a meeting at the Governor General’s palace on the first inst., and gave in their adhesion to the emancipation law just passed by the mother country. The second cargo landed by the George P. Upton was also captured by the Spanish forces, who report it more valuable than the first. The country is getting sensibly quieter as the Spanish rule gradually asserts itself. Montaner’s column of national troops had killed twelve rebels in an engagement, including an American Colonel/ The reaction against the insurgents in the interior was the cause of many outrages. Parties were forming to protect themselves against the conscription enforced by the rebels, and to resist their plundering. It is said the insurgents recently captured a party of marines from Puerto Principe, and as an act of retaliation butchered them all. The report lacks confirmation. Several minor engagements are reported at various places in the Central Department, in all of which the royal forces were successful. The Captain General, who is still at the scene of war, will soon return to Havana. The Spaniards continue to execute their prisoners, or a certain percentage of them, which makes the Spanish cause in Cuba a stench in the nostrils of mankind.

  3. Now I’m not going to dispute your numbers, but The regime said they had arrested arbitrarily 1500 people in August throughout the whole Island.
    Problem is must people are focused on what goes on in Habana and surrounding cities, but I tell you Oriente is hot now , with all kinds of activities going on from Dissidents and political police.

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