Irony, redefined

Los Angeles school named after Algore and Rachel ‘DDT’ Carson is built on toxic soil:

A new school will be opening in Los Angeles next Monday that is named after Nobel Laureate Al Gore and Rachel Carson, the woman almost single-handedly responsible for DDT being banned in the ’70s.

Even more delicious than the names associated with the new $75.5-million Carson-Gore Academy of Environmental Sciences is that it was built on land thought to be highly-contaminated with various chemicals which could pose a threat to students.

Rachel Carson bears a lot of responsibility for the deaths of millions from mosquito-borne diseases that would have been prevented had not DDT been banned because of her advocacy. The liberal’s bane: unintended consequences.

4 thoughts on “Irony, redefined”

  1. Well, I guess it’s safe to say real science WON’T be a priority at that school?

    High school for the performing arts will be more like it.

  2. I love that it is on polluted ground. Priceless.
    Just as it was priceless that the car that had all of those wonderful right wing stickers on it was a Prius. In their faces, boys, in their faces. That’s the way I like it.

  3. “.. banned because of her advocacy…” like a lot of other greenies, the woman didn’t have a life — so she screwed everyone else’s.

    Carson, Algore — little idiots in search of significance.


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