Fidel Castro Joins B’Nai B’Rith

“I don’t think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews,” laments Fidel Castro in his recent “interview” with Jeffrey Goldberg. “I would say much more than the Muslims–they have been slandered much more than the Muslims because they are blamed and slandered for everything. No one blames the Muslims for anything.”

Whoops!…What’s up here?

Visions of tourist dollars dancing in his head–that’s what’s up…let’s face it, how many Muslim tourists can he expect from the U.S.???

Also interesting from the Atlantic’s Mr Goldberg:

“The morning after our arrival in Havana, Julia (Sweig) and I were driven to a nearby convention center, and escorted upstairs, to a large and spare office. A frail and aged Fidel stood to greet us. He was wearing a red shirt, sweatpants, and black New Balance sneakers. The room was crowded with officials and family: His wife, Dalia, and son Antonio, as well as an Interior Ministry general, a translator, a doctor and several bodyguards, all of whom appeared to have been recruited from the Cuban national wrestling team. Two of these bodyguards held Castro at the elbow.

We shook hands, and he greeted Julia warmly; they have known each other for more than twenty years.”


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  1. Preview from part II:

    “Then we were finally alone. ‘I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life’, I said. The Great Man looked into my eyes and I grinned knowingly. ‘Take me Fidel!’, I whispered, and as he approached me I finally realized that dreams do come true….”

  2. Unreal is right, and about equivalent to Hitler had he survived, claiming credit for saving Jews.

    Facts, from a post I put up just last year at my personal blog:

    Fidel Castro is a primary rogue cell for the cancer of Jew hatred, specifically for the type practiced by Islamic terrorists bent on the destruction of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. I’m not talking about a passive pawn for this evil cancer, no sir, Fidel Castro, who as a young man carried a copy of Mein Kampf and emulated Mussolini’s gestures; not only played host, but provided financing, equipment, manpower, and in the end, perhaps the most damaging, expertise, especially for international public relations. The PLO’s manipulation of the media mirrors that of Fidel Castro’s own successful campaign to perpetuate the myth of Cuba as David against the all-powerful Goliath United States. How else to explain Yasser Arafat as terrorist chic? There is a direct line from Fidel Castro in Havana to the casualties of Islamic terrorism in Israel, documented in the following excerpt from the January 2003 paper on the Historical Assessment of Terrorist Activity and Narcotic Trafficking by the Republic of Cuba, from Latin American Studies:

    It’s much to long for the comments section, but read the following 2003 paper from Latin American Studies at link below:

  3. With “Fifo” on tour again, and by the looks of things he is trying to write his final chapter. I’m look forward to seeing his slow and agonizing descent into death.

    “O mortal, the Grim Reaper has harvested your field”

  4. Ok, this really has me fuming. To clarify for those who don’t want to be bothered to follow the link and educate themselves, here are a few pertinent facts to understand the degree of castro’s anti-Semitism, or perhaps it’s just that he hates everyone who supports democratic principles such as the right to life, liberty, etc., and Hitler was just his socialist idol at the time. Yeah right.

    A barely known fact outside the victims of communism circle, NAZI stands for the National Socialist German Workers Party. Something to think about.

    To wit:

    Myles Cantor has written extensively about castro and anti-Semitism. Just a few excerpts from his November 2002 FrontPage Magazine article, for those who don’t have the stomach to read the whole article, ” The Baghdad-Havana Axis of Jew Hatred.”

    What are Castro’s views of Israel? Last June in Havana, Castro led a rally of approximately 10,000 that protested Israeli “genocide.” The rally culminated a week of “Palestinian solidarity” activities organized by the regime.

    At last September’s “World Conference against Racism” in Durban, South Africa, Castro referred to Israel’s “ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.” This March during a televised speech in Havana he referred to “revolting and brutal killings such as the ones carried out by the State of Israel…against the people of Palestine.”

    … Castro has a long history of backing aggression against Israel. From sending thousands of troops to aid Syria in the 1973 Yom Kippur War through the present training of Palestinian terrorists, Castro is in the vanguard of anti-Zionist violence. (The most notorious terrorist Cuba has trained is Illich Rámirez Sánchez, a.k.a. Carlos the Jackal.)

    Agustin Blazquez’s, “Castro’s anti-Semitism and the PLO” at netforcuba, details the dictators enthusiasm for Hitler’s fascism and its influence on his future terrorist activities. The 1953 attack on the Moncada Barracks was inspired by Hitler’s 1924 attack on the War Ministry in Munich which made him a national figure in Germany.

    Mr. Blazquez writes, “Like Hitler and his fascists, soon after grabbing power in 1959, Castro began eliminating people by summary executions, jail, concentration camps and exile, destroying them before they could become enemies.”

    The bastard cadaver in Havana may ignore history, but we won’t, and let us not forget his 2001 tour:

    Cuba’s president for life took a Middle East thug tour, including stops in Libya, Syria and Iran. On May 10, Castro told students at Tehran University, “Together we will bring America to its knees.”

    Perhaps this piece of mierda’s rotting cranium has fogotten, (or doesn’t understand that he does not control international information) that he is on record as supporting Iran’s nuclear “dispute.”

    Really, it is way past the time that this piece of shit should just die.

  5. Folks,

    And let’s not forget that Castro single handedly destroyed Cuba’s very prosperous Jewish community. Officially, the number of Jews in Cuba was 15,000, but from talks I have had with Cuban Jews, it was much, much higher than this, since the 15,000 only counted Jews affiliated with synagogues and there were many thousands more that didn’t have official affiliation with synagogues. In one generation, Cuba’s Jews had arrived from the shtetls and had acquired wealth, their children had gone on to college and were getting degrees in medicine, law, engineering, etc… Already, there was at least one Jew running for a mayor in a major city, etc.. and this is just within one generation!!!

    The interesting thing is that the Jews who stayed behind in “Hotel Cuba” instead of going to the USA, found that their road to wealth and total acceptance was faster than those that chose the USA where they often encountered anti-semiticism, and unpleasant living conditions in old NYC tenements in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

    Fastforward to 1959, Castro came to power and the Jewish community fled. Wary of the pogroms in Eastern Europe, communism and Nazism, they didn’t stay when they saw Castro’s dictatorial ways. Castro destroyed a vital part of Cuba for Jews were wonderful immigrants who embraced Cuban life and contributed mightly to their new country.

    It infuriates me when I read things like this, or when I read that Castro is trying to attract Jewish tourists by opening up a hotel called Hotel Rachel that caters specifically to Jews!

    As Humberto would say: UNBELIEVABLE!

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