The Light

Light has an amazing protective quality to it, and the creatures that fear the light the most are those that carry out vile acts under the cover of darkness. The Cuban regime has enjoyed the veil of darkness that has covered the island for half a century and has used it effectively to inflict pain and death upon the Cuban people. The light of technology, however, has pierced holes into that veil, and now the Castro dictatorship is finding it more difficult to commit its atrocious acts in secrecy. The bullies and cowards in Havana do not relish committing their acts of repression in full view of the world, and as technology every day shines more light on their atrocities, they are retreating to the perceived safety of dark cracks and crevices.

There are still vast areas of Cuba that remain in total darkness, but day by day, little by little, small shafts of light are reaching those areas. While some of the light is coming from the outside, much of it is being shined from within the island. Either light is toxic to the regime, and we have reached a point that even another massive wave of repression on the island will not bring back the darkness.

Light not only offers protection for the brave members of the opposition in Cuba, it also cleanses. Hopefully, very soon Cuba will be cleansed of the dark evil that has cursed its people. We just need to keep shining the light on them.