A couple of questions

Question 1: What is the Cuban government, the Spanish government, and the Catholic Church in Cuba going to do about the 11 prisoners of conscience that are refusing to be forcibly exiled?

At least 11 Cuba political prisoners refuse exile to Spain

They are, according to my friend Maria Benjumea in Spain, are:

  • Angel Moya
  • Arnaldo Ramos
  • Diosdado González
  • Fidel Suárez
  • Guido Sigler
  • Iván Fernández
  • José Daniel Ferrer
  • Luis Enrique Ferrer
  • Librado Linares
  • Nelson Molinet
  • Oscar Elías Biscet

No one — not the Spanish government nor the Catholic hierarchy nor especially the Castro dictatorship — have explained what will happen to these men if they continue to refuse the terms of the deal negotiated by them.

Will they be allowed to travel to whatever country they want or to stay in Cuba?

Or will they be left to languish in the Castro gulag?

Question 2: Where are the “Cuba Experts,” the “dialogueros,” the hierarchy of the Cuban Church, the opportunists, the representatives in congress, and the run of the mill Cuban exile haters and biggots who told us “intransigent hardliners” that we were crazy to believe that the releases were conditioned on accepting banishment and forced exile?

I don’t know the answer to the first question, but the second one is easy: They’re hiding.