You knew it was coming…

fidel castro says his comments on Cuba’s communist economic model as reported by The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg were “misinterpreted.”

castro stated he meant “exactly the opposite.”

The opposite of what, nobody knows, but whatever it is, that’s what he meant. Still waiting on interpretation from Cuba expert extraordinaire Julia “Viva fidel” Sweig.

5 thoughts on “You knew it was coming…”

  1. How fitting, now he didn’t say that. Let’s see how the MSM will report this story, I’m holding the barf bag.

    Me think Cagastro changes his mind every time his aides replace his colostomy bag. This is further proof of Cagastro’s obvious senility.

    Esta hecho un viejo cagalitroso.

  2. Actually its nuttier than that as he said that he was quoted correctly, but thats not what he meant.
    He is finally losing it.

  3. Goldberg did write the comment was said during lunch, while the senile one was drinking red wine. The truth serum must have gotten to his head when he said the obvious.

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