France needs to learn how to do expulsions

Fidel Castro has joined the Catholic Church in denouncing the French government for the expulsion of illegal Roma gypsy migrants in France.

The French appear to be rookies at this, so they need a lesson from the Cuban regime, the Spanish government, and the Vatican on how to carry out expulsions.

First, these Roma migrants must be imprisoned for political reasons. While in prison, they have to beaten, starved, humiliated, and a few of them executed. Then, the French government can call in the Catholic Church, have a few drinks behind closed doors, and negotiate their forced expulsion.

Once the details are ironed out, Sarkozy can hold a press conference with a high-ranking Vatican official standing beside him. He can announce the “Release of Prisoners,” and everyone will start clapping and congratulating all the parties for their peaceful dialog and “social harmony.” Meanwhile, the Church will help the French government round up all the Roma migrants so they can be kicked out of the country and never allowed to return.

Of course, no one but the Roma migrants will notice because everyone else will be too busy talking about the wonderful deal that France and the Church negotiated for these poor, Roma migrants.

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