Cuba to produce all the wheat flour it needs

According to the Cuban News Agency (ACN), the Cuban dictatorship is ensuring everyone that soon Cuba will be producing all the wheat flour it needs. This coming from a regime that took the number one sugar producing industry in the world and destroyed it to the point that it  now has to import the sweet spice.

About the only thing the regime produces in abundance and has more than enough for each and every Cuban citizen is repression and misery. That is about the only thing the dictatorship does not need to import.

3 thoughts on “Cuba to produce all the wheat flour it needs”

  1. Actually Cagastro’s Cuba has been one of the biggest exporters of repression and misery around the world for the last fifty years. They specialize in that product line.

    Ask Africa, Angola, Bolivia, Granada, El Congo, Nicaragua and Venezuela and you’ll get my drift.

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