Diosdado González Marrero: Another Cuban prisoner of conscience who refuses to be forcibly exiled

In a Radio Marti report, Diosdado González Marrero, Cuban prisoner of conscience imprisoned at the Combinado Sur de Matanzas, has declared that he has no intentions of leaving Cuba if he is released by the communist regime of Raul Castro. His wife, Alejandrina García de la Riva, spoke via phone with Radio Marti.

“He has been asking me how the situation is nationally and internationally because he is being kept isolated in a prison cell with no television, and he has been reading that in the next few days there will be a great number of people in Cuba unemployed, people who do not know how they will find work,” she said.

She affirmed that her husband is worried over this situation and what lies in store for Cuba once he is out of prison. Nevertheless, she reiterated, he is determined not to leave his country.

“He has been one of those prisoners that has made up his mind not to leave Cuba,” his wife said.