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Here is a bit of a follow-up to a post George did yesterday Rush nails it .

It comes from C. Edmund Wright @ American Thinker:

Frightening as the image might be to ponder, “the architect” Karl Rove was stripped bare for all to see on Fox News’ Hannity show Tuesday night, thanks to his odd response to Christine O’Donnell’s win in Delaware.

Rove demonstrated to all what I have believed since 2000: that he is a political operative with little or no evidence of a philosophical soul. Voters — equally soulless in his mind — are mere commodities to deal with, and precincts are the way these commodities are organized. They are to be bought and sold with the micromanaging of a trade deal here or a pro-life direct mail piece there — orchestrated by the ruling elitists in Washington.

One gets the feeling that he could have worked equally as happily for a Democrat simply by changing a few words on certain ads to certain districts.


When Bush was in office, Rove predictably started out on a plan to form what he called “a permanent Republican majority” that would be constructed with a mushy new tone, a “can’t we all just get along” mentality. The strategy would dictate that no one would ever return fire on political opponents — while having a “flexible philosophy” to which Rove would adapt policy as issues came and went in certain parts of the country.

There was by design no coherent message of constitutional conservatism, which is what most of Bush’s voters thought they were voting for. Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

How and why Rove thought this could possibly work is beyond me. What he thought it would accomplish — even if it were possible — is an even more salient question. It could not work, and it did not work. […]

Read the whole thing … Ouch!

8 thoughts on “Rove Reviews”

  1. Karl Rove is showing his true RINO colors. I predict soon enough he’ll become irrelevant because Republicans will see through his BS.

    I said in my previous post that there is something about him that never clicked with me, now I know for sure what it is.

    The best thing the Republican Party can do to save America from the POTUS/PELOSI/REID AXIS of Marxist/Socialism/Liberalism is to distance itself from individuals like Karl Rove.

    I repeat one more time, RINOs like Karl Rove don’t have what it takes to defeat the POTUS/PELOSI/REID AXIS of Marxist/Socialism/Liberalism.

    I can only hope when Sean Hannity stops bringing him to his program. I’m getting tired of Karl Rove’s act.

  2. Well, this may be revisionist thinking. I was surprised by Rove this week because when I heard him he used to sound pretty good to me. Are we trying to rewrite history because of what he did now? I would never have suspected he would do this.

    • I don’t think so. I like Rove but have questioned his decisions and tactics; he himself acknowledges in his book he was in error. If he would have attacked the libs in 2003 and 2004 with the same virulence with which he attacked O’Donnell I’d probably cut him slack. His buddy Castle, BTW, is one big sore losing cry-baby. Good riddance.

  3. If it hadn’t been for the stunning genius of frat boy Karl Rove, we probably wouldn’t even have a B. Hussein Obama neofascist regime to contend with now.

  4. How many reading this knew several weeks ago that Rove was one of the bad guys all along? Be honest now. I absolutely did not. Whenever he appeared on TV, I liked his clarity.

    Rove is one of the promised guest speakers on the NR cruise in November. Who will take bets that he will be uninvited? If he is still there, I can’t imagine he’s going to get a good reception.

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