The MSM’s “Cuba Expertise” (part XXXIV)


Hired help might be hard to find nowadays—but not for Fidel Castro. Jack Benny had his Rochester. Louise Jefferson had her Florence. And Fidel Castro now has Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic magazine’s freshly-minted “Cuba-Expert.” Fom his latest spasm of erudition:

“I judge Castro’s revolution against what it replaced, namely, the thugocracy of Batista, who was a friend only to a handful of oligarchs and American mafia leaders.”

Granted, the Godfather II is a superb film, Mr Goldberg. But better educational sources on pre-Castro Cuba do exist. This “friend of oligarchs” was a mulatto grandson of slaves born on the dirt floor of a palm roofed shack in the Cuban countryside. Cuba’s oligarchy in fact denied Fulgencio Batista admittance into their Havana Yacht Club and largely bankrolled his violent overthrow. From Cuba’s richest man, sugar magnate Julio Lobo, to Pepin Bosch of the Bacardi dynasty, and hundreds of oligarchs in-between, Castro’s July 26 Movement was funded by the very people the learned Mr Goldberg claims were Batista’s “friends.”

Much more educational intransigence from our friends at Townhall here.


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  1. That clearly slanted statement by Goldberg can only mean one of two things, or both: he is woefully ignorant/misinformed, or he is simply a Castro sympathizer, like so many in his business, and is deliberately speaking in bad faith. At best, it’s deeply embarrassing that this guy is apparently considered “star” journalist material. At least when it comes to Cuba, either he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, or he does know and is simply doing a New York Times-type number.

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