You know what you can do with your “19 small steps”

You can stick those cigars where your bag is connected.

Cuba is offering a series of small but specific steps the administration of President Barack Obama can take to soften the United States’ 48-year-old trade embargo, including expanding flights and establishing ferry service between both countries and dropping bank bans that keep U.S. credit cards from working on the island.

The 19 suggestions are a new — and perhaps conciliatory addition — to the communist government’s annual report criticizing Washington’s trade sanctions. Cuba produces the report every year ahead of an annual United Nations vote in which the world overwhelmingly condemns the embargo.

The 56-page report acknowledges that Obama cannot scrap the full embargo without approval from Congress, but uses pages 4 through 7 to discuss steps his administration can take unilaterally.

Among them are doing away with rules that prohibit Cuban-Americans and other authorized U.S. visitors from carrying home Cuban gifts — such as the island’s famous rum and cigars — and dropping restrictions that limit such travellers from spending more than $179 per day on lodging, food and transportation.