Celebrities for Castroite Terror and Murder


Castro’s DGI recently stuck their fingers in their mouth and issued a sharp whistle of summons.

Celebrity ears from New York to Hollywood immediately jerked up. Soon Castro’s propaganda ministry was mobbed by eager American actors, rockers and folkies, their eyes wide, their tongues out and their tails wagging frantically. Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Benicio del Toro, Oliver Stone, Martin Sheen, Edward Asner, Pete Seeger, Ry Cooder, Bonnie Raitt, Chrissie Hynde, Graham Nash, Jackson Browne, Danny Glover were the A-listers among these cheeky rebels and human-rights activists submitting to commands and pats on the head from Stalinist apparatchiks.

“The celebrities have all added their name to a petition to president Obama to free the five Cubans unjustly imprisoned in the U.S.,” writes Castro’s propaganda ministry. Marching in perfect lockstep and chanting in perfect chorus, those listed above also accuse U.S. jailers of visiting horrific torture upon “The Cuban Five.”

The charges and convictions against “The Cuban Five” (by an independent judiciary in a free country, the U.S.) might actually be studied by these celebrities. The “news” networks that have earned Havana bureaus might actually mention these charges and convictions. And pigs actually might fly.

Entire intransigence here from our friends at Townhall


Update: Please note the last two sentences of the insufferably intransigent block-quote above. Now please note how CNN (first U.S. News network bestowed with a Havana Bureau) just described the Cuban Fives’ crimes: “The Cubans, known at home as “the five heroes,” were sent to Miami to infiltrate violent exile groups at a time when anti-Castro groups were bombing Cuban hotels.


2 thoughts on “Celebrities for Castroite Terror and Murder”

  1. What is not specified, because they are definitely not A-list or of any interest to non-Hispanic readers, is that the letter’s signers include Juanes, Miguel Bosé and that Olga woman, the very ones who swore–up, down and sideways–that they were NOT political regarding Cuba and that their so-called “peace” concert in Havana was all about artistic goodwill.

    What is wrong with this picture? Nothing, except some very ill-fitting masks have now fallen off some very disgusting faces. None of them amounts to a hill of beans, and they are not worth making a fuss over, especially since that is EXACTLY what they want so they can play the persecuted humanitarian victim card and have the media eat it right up (as before).

    I guess the prospect of favorable free publicity and associating with the likes of Sean Penn is just too tempting (though at least Juanes should have given Penn a wide berth, considering how great Penn thinks FARC-lover Hugo Chávez is). In other words, same shit, different day–from total, utter assholes. Our “Latin” brothers hard at work, as always.

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