Kennedy Lied-Cubans Died (Anniv. of Kennedy/Nixon “Debates”)


“The Republicans have allowed a communist dictatorship to flourish eight jet minutes from our borders!” Kennedy charged during the second debate. “We must support anti-Castro fighters. So far these freedom fighters have received no help from our government.”

JFK’s quip was a pre-meditated lie. But unlike the John Lovitz character on “Saturday Night Live,” JFK lied expertly, with a straight face.

Short weeks before the debates CIA director Allen Dulles (on Ike’s orders) had briefed Kennedy about Cuban invasion plans (what became the Bay of Pigs invasion). So Kennedy was again lying through his teeth. He knew damn well the Republican administration was training Cuban freedom fighters. And since the plans were secret, he knew damn well Nixon couldn’t rebut. So Nixon bit his tongue. He could easily have stomped Kennedy on it. But to some candidates national security trumps debating points.

Four months later, 1,500 of those very Cuban freedom-fighters that “we must support” were slugging it out with 51,000 Castro troops, squadrons of Stalin tanks and his entire Air force at a beachhead now known as the Bay of Pigs.

JFK was no longer a candidate. He was now commander-in-chief. It was time to put up or shut up….”Where are the PLANES?!” kept crackling over the invasion ships’ radios. That was their commander, Pepe San Roman, roaring into his radio from the beachhead between hundreds of artillery concussions from huge 122 mm Soviet Howitzers. “Send planes or we can’t last!” San Roman yelled while watching the Soviet tanks close in and his casualties pile up.

But the election was over, you see.”

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  1. My disgust for JFK runs mighty deep, and it’s not just because of how badly he screwed over Cuba and its people. The man lied about quite a few things, including very serious health problems, and his wholesome family man image was a false front for a reckless sex addict, apparently even more out of control than Clinton, but it was a different media age then. He was all image, surface and high-sounding talk, just like the whole Camelot business, but it was a very pretty and marketable fantasy, and the market ate it it up. Of course he had devoted enablers all over the place, eager to bask in the glow of Mr. Wonderful and be considered part of “the best and the brightest.” In other words, it was a kind of political perfect storm, including the “perfect” first lady, the Princess Diana of her day. The whole contraption was like a media wet dream come to life, but like practically everything that looks too good to be true, it was an illusion. JFK was all about ambition and arrogance posing as righteous altruism. He was, as the Bible says, like a whitewashed tomb, which outwardly appears beautiful, but is full of dead bones and impurity.

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