Intellectually Dishonest

Carlos Saladrigas has penned yet another editorial — this time in the Sun Sentinel — asking for the removal of travel restrictions to Cuba. Once again, Mr. Saladrigas repeats the same faulty argument that engagement and dialogue with a murderous, repressive, and dictatorial regime is the key to achieving freedom in Cuba.

One paragraph in his editorial, however, jumped out at me for its sheer audacity and lack of intellectual honesty:

No wonder the vast majority of Cuban dissidents on the island, the virtual who’s who of Cuba’s opposition, have asked for free travel. These range from Yoani Sanchez, Cuba’s famous independent blogger, to Guillermo Fariñas, whose recent hunger strike forced Cuba to release political prisoners.

The “vast majority”? Is Mr. Saladrigas adopting Hugo Chavez style accounting practices in where 74 dissidents agreeing with him is a greater number than 494 dissidents disagreeing with him?

Has Mr. Saladrigas ever heard of Orlando Zapata Tamayo? Is he aware that it was the ultimate sacrifice paid by this Cuban martyr that sent the regime scurrying to save face before the world?

Of course he knows all of this, but the 494 dissidents opposing his agenda and intransigent members of the opposition like Orlando Zapata Tamayo and his mother do not fit into Mr. Saladrigas’ plans.

My point is not to demean or belittle the contributions made by dissidents like Yoani and Fariñas in Cuba, but for Saladrigas to completely ignore the sacrifice made by Orlando Zapata Tamayo, and the views of hundreds of members of the opposition in Cuba shows a complete lack of intellectual honesty on his part.

There are plenty more intellectually dishonest arguments in Saladrigas’ editorial, but what point would there be in arguing them? You cannot debate an intellectually dishonest person.

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  1. From Sentinel comments:

    jmwave at 12:41 PM September 28, 2010

    Mr. Saladrigas’ call for an end to the travel ban is sensible and a far cry from the extreme of Miami and most of the congressional delegation of South Florida that represents them. Americans must regain their right to travel. The policies carried out over the past 50 years continue to hurt the Cuban people. These policies have failed miserably in Cuba, limit the freedom of Americans and alienates us from the rest of the hemisphere. Cuba has now full diplomatic relations with every country in the Americas except the USA. Mr. Saladrigas pointed out that Fidel Castro sees the Revolution and Cuba as one. Contrary to the wisdom of Miami, most Cubans do also, travel there and see for yourself. “Give me liberty or give me death” and Don’t tread on me” are not Cuban slogans but form our own revolution of 1776. US stated policy is to pressure the Cuban people so they would revolt against their government, our efforts continue to be to make their government fail. The result has been to keep Cubans more united (with only minor and mostly paid opposition) as it would happen in any country facing pressure form abroad. It is time to end our isolation of Cuba and allow Americans to travel and judge for themselves.

    Milton Sanchez-Parodi

  2. but who is Dr. Sanchez-Parodi?

    Dr. Sanchez-Parodi is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vista Trade Group. He is a Cuban-born US citizen with over 20 years of experience working with Cuba enabling humanitarian aid, agricultural sales and improved relations between the United States and Cuba. In this endeavor he has significant experience working with the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, DC as well as in Congress where he has given written statements to the Committee on Agriculture of the House of Representatives. Dr. Sanchez-Parodi has further experience with extensive travels to Cuba over the past 20 years and has established relations with various ministries and entities in Cuba including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health and Alimport, the Cuban entity that buys US agricultural goods.
    In addition to his duties as CEO of Vista Trade Group, Dr. Sanchez-Parodi practices Family and Emergency Medicine as well as teaching of medical students and doctors-in-training. A graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and the Facultad de Medicina of the Universidad de Granada in Spain. Dr. Sanchez-Parodi is Board Certified in Family Medicine and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine for Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine. His private practice, Poland Primary Care has a humanitarian license from the US Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control(OFAC) which has enabled Dr. Sanchez-Parodi to over the years deliver licensed medicines and medical goods to Cuban hospitals.

  3. Anyone who sounds like something straight out of “Granma,” the official news (read propaganda) organ of the Cuban dictatorship, is automatically discredited and deserves no consideration. Same goes for anyone who would consider such a person credible. Enough said.

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