You Know That Macy’s Parade Balloon That Breaks Away Errantly and Eventually Crashes To The Ground

It’s really pretty bad when MSNBC calls out one of their own ilk … And listen to how Grayson squeals and snorts like the filthy pig (misogynist, at that) he is when confronted:

As to any validity and context to the vague issues mentioned in the ad against Dan Webster says Rep. Grayson Lowers the Bar.

And now there is another Grayson ad in question, and the word “plagiarizing” has entered the conversation. Seems Grayson and his poli-ops have ‘cloned’ an Eliot Spitzer ad from 2006. Politico has the scoop and the videos, you judge (actually it’s a no-brainer). You’ll note how Grayson looks more like a “Saturday Night Live” parody of himself in this ad … Well, I did, anyway.

As Bugs Bunny has been known to exclaim, “What a maroon!”