Merchandising is not the same as Truth

Next week marks the anniversary of the death of mass-murderer Che Guevara.

Many of us have had more than our share of run-ins with ignorant hipsters sporting t-shirts and messenger bags with the idealized image of the “revolutionary poster boy.” Like most Cubans, I’m not shy about offering the truth of who Che was and why their t-shirt is not cool.

Sometimes, as most writers here on Babalú can attest to, it’s an exhausting uphill battle. You almost have to start from scratch and explain the historical truth about Cuba and Castro and that murderous rat-bastard Che.

So I was thrilled to receive a call from the Vice-President of  Young America’s Foundation, Patrick Coyle, asking if I would be willing to get the word out about “No More Che Day 2010.”

logo no more che day

If you click on this link, Young America’s Foundation can provide you with free copies of their “Victims of Che Guevara” poster and other download-able fliers to distribute for No More Che Day.

che victims

I would ask that you forward YAF’s link through your own blogs and also on Facebook and Twitter.

A big Thank You to YAF for getting it. Let the re-education begin.


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7 thoughts on “Merchandising is not the same as Truth”

  1. Special Thanks to Cuban hero Luis Gonzalez Infante:

    He provided me with the pictures that make up the YAF Victims of Che poster.

    The Che quotes on these flyers might be familiar to Babalusians.

    And in case any Babalusians live in the Denver area:


  2. Freedom, a scarier thought which I think is true, is that many people DO KNOW who he is and like him anyway. Even if only 1 % of the U.S. population are die hard Marxists who would love to emulate Guevara – that would still be 3,000,000 people 🙁

    Considering that at most highschools you probably average 1 Che shirt wearer for every 100 students, this may not be out of the question. note: Obviously Berkeley makes up for all of the Mid West Plain States.

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