Benefits of dialogue with the Cuban regime

Here we present one of the benefits that the American government’s new, more open and conciliatory policy towards Cuba’s dictatorship is bringing.

US and Cuba discuss Alliance to help Sharks

You may be well aware of the declining Shark populations, especially due to the increasing demand for Shark Fin soup. A team of U.S. scientists and environmentalists met with Cuban officials this week to discuss a proposed alliance, including Mexico, to protect the Gulf of Mexico’s declining shark population. If you see a restaurant serving Shark Fin Soup, PLEASE talk to the owner and ask them to take it off the menu.

It is good to know that although Cubans on the island continue to be enslaved by a brutal regime, and dissidents continue to be harassed, beaten, and imprisoned, and more prisoners of conscience are banished from the island and forced into exile, at least the sharks in the Gulf of Mexico are being looked after.