Cuban Olympic Medal For Sale

I guess you can say this eBay item for sale is a product of the “market reforms” the Castro dictatorship is implementing. Or, it is the same desperation the Cuban people have been feeling for the past 5 decades.

I go with the latter.

Cuban’s Olympic gold medal for sale on eBay

In Cuba, the average monthly salary is estimated at about $20 per person. Which perhaps explains why the Olympic gold medal of Osleidys Menendez ended up on eBay.

Menendez won the women’s javelin throw in Athens in 2004, and also claimed a bronze four years earlier in Sydney. But according to this bidding notice on eBay her gold medal is available for a $30,000 bid.

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  1. $30K? She’s dreaming. She’d be lucky to get a tenth of that, and even that would be a stretch. It’s not as if she was ever a name, and she’s quite forgotten by now. Might as well play the Lotto.

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