More advances from the revolution

During the 1961-62 coffee bean growing season, the Castro regime, after expropriating and stealing private, well-run and efficient coffee plantations, the island produced 60,000 tons of coffee beans. Fast forward 48 years, and add a healthy dose of “communist revolutionary advances,” and you get the 2009 coffee bean crop for the entire island: a whopping 5,500 tons.

Cuban ’09 coffee harvest was worst in history

Adios, cafe con leche?

Cuba — where super-strong shots of espresso are a way of life — says it had its worst coffee harvest in history last year, with production plummeting to just 5,500 tons nationwide.

And a full-page article in the Communist Party newspaper Granma on Wednesday warned that authorities will no longer fill the shortfall with imports. It said the government cannot afford to spend a projected $40 million this year and $47 million next just to keep islanders in high-octane caffeine.

Cuba was the world’s top coffee exporter in the 1940s, Granma reported, producing a bean “that was very coveted in discerning markets.”

As recently as the harvest of 1961-1962, Cuba produced 60,000 tons.

The newspaper cited inefficiency and negligence as reasons for the drop in production, but did not go into detail.

Inefficiency and negligence? That is quite an understatement.

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