We’re Number ONE!–AGAIN!


Many of us have seen the “Sabias usted” post (in Spanish) listing all of pre-Castro Cuba’s economic and industrial “firsts” for the Americas…railroads, TV’s, etc.

Well! Let’s add another feather to our cap! According to diligent anti-“embargo” activist John McAuliff, we also invented U.S. campaign-contributions! And even invented Washington lobbying! …where–as usual– we’re NUMBER ONE!

“Are the institutions of government in the U.S. finally able to overcome well-funded special interest exile politics to chart a rational course with Cuba? The White House dismally failed the first round.

Campaign donations emanating overwhelmingly from a single ethnic community based in south Florida can be a pre-election embarrassment if they lead a member to vote against prevailing sentiment in his or her own district. Very few committee members have a significant number of Cuban-American constituents

Mr Mc Auliff’s entire encomium to us here.

So here’s to US!..Mr Inventors and Exclusive Practitoners of Political Lobbying!


Hot Damn!