Ariel Sigler Amaya Update

This week I spoke to Ariel Sigler Amaya and his brother Miguel and I am happy to report that Ariel’s progress continues to amaze his doctors. He is continuing his daily outpatient therapy at the hospital and grows stronger each day.

The excellent news, however, is that Ariel is beginning to regain some feeling in his legs and this week he was able to move one of his toes. The doctors and therapists treating him cannot believe how far he has progressed in such a relatively short period of time and according to Ariel himself, this month he will start standing and walking with the aid of his therapists.

The excellent care and attention Ariel is receiving from the staff at Jackson Memorial Hospital has no doubt contributed greatly to his miraculous recovery, but I believe as much credit must be given to this man’s incredibly strong warrior spirit. The same heart that drove him to stand against a tyrannical regime and insurmountable odds is giving him the strength to stand, literally and figuratively, against the disease that took away his legs. As I have said many times before, Ariel Sigler Amaya is truly a Mambí.

The Castro brothers could not defeat him, and Ariel will be damned if he is going to let a disease defeat him.

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