One of the greatest liberals ever

And he was a dupe of the Soviets. What a shock!

Yuri Bezmenov was a journalist and editor for Novosti, the Soviet press agency. Of course, that means he also worked for the KGB and wasn’t truly a journalist. He defected to the West in the 1970s.

Among Bezmenov’s chief duties was to handle Western visitors through propaganda and misinformation. This entailed some unique skills. “One of my functions,” explained Bezmenov, “was to keep foreign guests permanently intoxicated from the moment they landed at Moscow airport.” He managed “groups of so-called ‘progressive intellectuals’—writers, journalists, publishers, teachers, professors of colleges…. For us, they were just a bunch of political prostitutes to be taken advantage of.”

To his credit, Bezmenov smelled the stench of the Soviet system, and was deeply troubled that these progressives, who prided themselves on intellectual superiority, couldn’t detect the same rot. It ate at his conscience. “I did my job,” he lamented, but “deep inside I still hoped that at least some of these useful idiots [would catch on].”

Among the worst of them, said Bezmenov, was Senator Ted Kennedy. Bezmenov had an actual photo of Kennedy dancing at a wedding at Moscow’s Palace of Marriages, but it wasn’t a real wedding; it was staged. We publish the photo in the book. Pointing to the photo, Bezmenov commented: “Another greatest example of monumental idiocy [among] American politicians: Edward Kennedy was in Moscow, and he … was being taken for a ride.” This was a “staged wedding used to impress foreign media—or useful idiots like Ed Kennedy. Most of the guests there [had] security clearance and were instructed what to say to foreigners.”

I know this seems absurd to modern eyes and ears, but such were the wretched lengths to which the Soviets descended. They were outstanding liars, constructing (as Vaclav Havel put it), the vast “communist culture of the lie.”

They built phony factories, schools, even villages to hoodwink Western visitors, beginning back in the 1920s, when they suckered John Dewey and all his progressive friends. I call them “Potemkin Progressives.” Why wouldn’t they stage weddings? Actually, the New York Times, in 1958, published an article on how they staged weddings. So, this was old hat to the Kremlin.

Bezmenov said that Kennedy “thinks he’s very smart,” but, “from the viewpoint of Russian citizens who observed this idiocy,” he was “an idiot,” a “useful idiot.”

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  1. Ted Kennedy would stink on ice. But what really stinks is that enough people voted for him to keep him in business for SO long. Let’s just say I don’t think much of the majority of voters in Massachusetts.

  2. George,
    You should have urged everyone to read the whole thing linked here. And especially the second comment under it.
    Someone sent me an article about what education used to be like. One of the things missing from our education today is context and reality about things like communism and war and “peace”. We are so busy indoctrinating kids about phony science and multi culturalism that we forget to describe the real world.

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