The Ninja of Nincompoopery

An excellent dissection of CNN’s very own Ricardo Leon Sanchez de Reinaldo.

First, from our friend Steve H. at Tools of Renewal:

Sanchez is one of those people whose success is a mystery. When he was a local reporter here in Miami, people made fun of him all the time because he clearly was not bright. He stood out, even among local news people, as unusually dense, and his ego problems were also hard to miss. On the local level, left-versus-right politics don’t come into play as much as they do on the national news, so Sanchez didn’t stand out as a liberal. The ridicule was generally based on the contrast between his self-image and his mental shortcomings. The problem was not his politics. If Stewart has been ridiculing him, my guess is that the huge Sanchez ego and the limited Sanchez intellect were what drove the humor.

When he got swept off to the big leagues, it was very puzzling.

Maybe his status as a self-hating Cuban helped. Most Cubans are conservative, but Sanchez is a far-left fringe case. The left loves those who betray their conservative roots. Cubans are a problem for the big-time media, because keeping them out looks like (is) discrimination, and letting them in means hiring conservatives. Sanchez probably seemed like a good tool they could use to fend off charges of anti-Cuban discrimination.

Anyway, he is probably finished at the big cable outlets, and I see that as good news, not just because he’s so biased, but because he isn’t competent. He makes Keith Olbermann look brilliant.

Next, from BigJournalism, with video:

Rick Sanchez, the dumbest man on television, has often been unable to control either his brain or his mouth, but when the two of them operate in tandem, oh brother.

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