Fidel Castro tries to use the Jews

Today’s must-read comes from Jaime Daremblum in Mexidata. Unlike some journalists like Jeffrey Goldberg, who try desperately to find something good to say about the declarations made by an evil and murderous dictator, Daremblum applies historical precedent and facts to determine the reality behind Castro’s statements.

Fidel Castro, with Ploys and PR Stunts, Seeks to use Jews

By Jaime Daremblum

In a recent series of conversations with Atlantic reporter Jeffrey Goldberg, Fidel Castro made several eyebrow-raising comments. The one that received the most attention was Castro’s assertion that the Cuban economic model no longer works. (He later tried, disingenuously, to backtrack on this statement.) Surprisingly, his remarks on Iran and anti-Semitism caused less of a splash. But these remarks were equally (if not more) significant, for they were part of a broader, ongoing charm offensive conducted by the Cuban dictatorship at a time of internal distress.

According to Goldberg, Castro slammed Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his Holocaust denial and suggested that Tehran try to understand the long history of Jewish persecution. “I don’t think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews,” Castro said. “I would say much more than the Muslims. They have been slandered much more than the Muslims because they are blamed and slandered for everything. No one blames the Muslims for anything.”


But here’s the thing: Fidel is desperate—desperate to bolster his historical legacy, and desperate to secure much-needed financial aid for his cash-strapped government. Now 84 years old and in poor health, Castro knows the Cuban economy is in dire condition, and he knows that Washington could throw his Communist regime a lifeline if it were to eliminate the U.S. travel ban. Those American lawmakers who oppose the ban are always eager to highlight evidence that Cuba is “reforming” and should thus be rewarded with a flood of free-spending U.S. tourists. Congress is currently debating legislation that would scrap travel restrictions and provide Havana with a massive infusion of hard currency.

Castro’s denunciation of anti-Semitism must be seen in this context. Indeed, Havana has recently made several calculated gestures in hopes of improving its global image. In July, Cuba agreed to release 52 political prisoners, on the condition that those prisoners accept forced exile in Spain. Spanish foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, who helped broker the agreement, triumphantly declared that it “opens a new era in Cuba.”

In reality, it was a familiar PR stunt: The Castro regime has always used conditional prisoner releases to elicit concessions from foreign governments. It treats peaceful dissidents as strategic pawns, turning them into a form of diplomatic currency. With the prisoner release, Havana was aiming to convince European Union members to adopt fully normalized relations with Cuba. As Julio César Gálvez, one of the exiled Cuban prisoners who is now living in Spain, told the Associated Press, “Our departure [from Cuba] should not be seen as a gesture of goodwill but rather as a desperate measure by a regime urgently seeking to gain any kind of credit.”

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6 thoughts on “Fidel Castro tries to use the Jews”

  1. Im wondering “who is using who”…??

    We can read and see the Castro’side of the issue, but what about the israeli side..??..


  2. Interesting point Tonny, perhaps Israel realizes that they could benefit with liberals by getting close to Cuba – the darling of the left. If Israel could increase their support among the left, then they could attack Iran with US support.

  3. Mr. Mojito,
    Bush thought he would curry favor with the left if he suggested new entitlements, like the drug plan, or new attitudes like campaign finance and immigration reform. Ha. They couldn’t have hated him more and still vilify him. If Netanyahu thinks the left will love him more if he falls for this, he will learn as well that the left only knows how to hate. He will have committed Israel to a bad policy and will get nothing good in return.
    Does anyone know an e-mail address for Netanyahu?

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