Rick Sanchez apologizes to Jon Stewart

Rick Sanchez has apologized to Jon Stewart for calling him a bigot.

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Wife: Rick Sanchez Apologizes to Jon Stewart

(NewsCore) – Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez apologized to comedian Jon Stewart for calling him a “bigot” in radio interview last week, Sanchez’s wife revealed Monday.

“Rick apologized to jon stewart today,” Sanchez’s wife, Suzanne, wrote on her Facebook page Monday — adding that her husband’s tough work schedule caused him to “mangle his thought process” and make explosive remarks during the now infamous Thursday radio interview.

“They had a good talk. jon was gracious and called rick, ‘thin-skinned,'” she wrote.

So Rick’s recent tough work schedule is to blame for his “mangled thought process”?

What’s the excuse for the rest of his career?

5 thoughts on “Rick Sanchez apologizes to Jon Stewart”

  1. No surprise here. Off-handedly insult Jews and regardless of your wealth or fame you’re groveling and apologizing–on average–within a week.



    We look forward to the day when the same societal and professional penalties will apply to insulting Cubans….
    especially when the insult comes from a jew, as here:




  2. Rick’s suffering from PTDDLSS … Post Traumatic Drunk-Driving and Leaving The Scene Syndrome.

    The guy’s a major dolt who couldn’t sound even minutely intelligent enough to tie his shoes if he attended class and tried hard.

    I’ve said it prior … I’d better not see him signed-on at FOX. Shep Smith is far more than enough over there.

  3. I read the piece and the comments. that was before I found babalu. But what I loved best was the comment whose voice I recognized before I read its owner – none other than old pitbull himself. I laughed out loud when I saw I had guessed right.
    I stand by my comment above.
    A very left friend of mine decades ago used to send me I. F. Stone articles and I could not stand them. I said he sounds just like a communist and he might as well be one because his columns are as if they come from the enemy. Well, it turns out he was a KGB agent. When I told my friend when this was made public, he scoffed and said so what. What a world.

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