Detachment: No other word comes to mind at this moment that can better describe the blatant disconnect this travel writer for the Irish Times has between his own humanity and the humanity of Cubans on the island.

After describing in painful detail the utter poverty Cubans are subjected to by the regime, and documenting the vast chasm that exists between tourists and the oppressed Cuban people, he still cannot help but feel enamored of what he deems to be a wonderful tourist destination.

To this travel writer it is as if Cubans were animals, not humans. He seems to view Cubans struggling to survive in the  same manner he would view emaciated stray dogs digging through trash cans for food. Although he recognizes their suffering, he accepts it as a fact of life he can do nothing about and blames the irresponsible pet owners for not neutering their pets.

It is so much easier to detach yourself from the human suffering in Cuba when you consider Cubans to be less than human.