Wicked new Che poster from our friends at Breitbart

Che Guevara; Guerrilla Doofus and Murdering Coward

.. all refused blindfolds and all died sneering at their Communist murderers, as did thousands of their valiant countrymen..“Viva Cuba Libre! Viva Cristo Rey! Abajo Comunismo!” “The defiant yells would make the walls of La Cabana prison tremble,” wrote eyewitness to the slaughter, Armando Valladares.

The one genuine accomplishment in Che Guevara’s life was the mass-murder of defenseless men and boys. His pathetic whimpering while dropping his fully-loaded weapons as two Bolivian soldiers approached him on Oct. 8 1967 (”Don’t shoot!” I’m Che!” I’m worth more to you alive than dead!”) proves that this cowardly, murdering swine was unfit to carry his victims’ slop buckets.”

Entire intransigence here.


6 thoughts on “Wicked new Che poster from our friends at Breitbart”

  1. It’s awful and shameful that at this stage of the game, we’re still having to expose this vermin and re-educate the masses. As long as the left keeps brainwashing people with a pseudo-romantic whitewash of this creep, our fight to unmask him will continue. Why can’t he just be DEAD and GONE?

  2. ojc, this battle will never be over with. Che has millions of admirers, thousands of professors who hail him as a hero, and dozens of films, books and songs singing his praises. He’s actually become much more popular with every passing year I’d say – and is going through a resurgence as “Marxism” is now chic again with the down economy. Many of our fellow “Latin-Americans” hold the doofus up their with Jesus and Bolivians pray to him as Saint Ernesto. His picture now hangs in the Bolivian presidential palace (put there by Evo) – ironically the same presidency that once ordered his death. There are “Che trails” going up throughout Argentina-Bolivia-Cuba where tourists flock in his footsteps. And thousands of teens every month watch The Motorcycle Diaries and wax romantic about taking a cross continetal trip through South America as he did. This is only the 3rd inning in a 9 inning game.

  3. Unfortunately you’re right Mr. Mojito as there is way too much stupidity upthere.

    But our side cannot give up and must continue to expose the real Che Guevara.

    It is what it is, and I’m not giving up, something must give, and it won’t be me.

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