Terror in Guantanamo

Oswaldo Payo received a phone call pleading for help as 500 government thugs terrorize a family of dissidents. Throwing eggs, beating and kicking people including the children. 

The message in Spanish:

URGENTE, informa Oswaldo Paya de acto de repudio masivo en guantanamo, 500 personas contra una familia de disidentes

Urgente via telefonica. acto de repudio masivo en guantanamo, 500 personas contra una familia de disidentes, han golpeado a, patadas a personas y niños, estan tratando de entrar en la casa, tirando huevos, POR FAVOR HAY QUE PARAR ESTO.

el acto de repudio  es contra reunión de Partido 30 noviembre  en  Guantánamo  es un acto de repudio gigantesco,  golpearon a un niño de 9 años, 500 personas la policía detuvo a un disdente y le hecho sprayn  lacrimógenos , están golpeando la s rejas de la casa intentado entrar en la vivienda.

The Castro brothers are mass murdering criminals who have terrorized the Cuban people for over a half-century.  These horrific acts will continue as long as they remain in power.   They should be brought before an international court and tried for crimes against humanity.  Anyone who promotes doing business with these thugs are in my opinion complicit in their crimes.

3 thoughts on “Terror in Guantanamo”

  1. When is someone going to finally pick up a damn gun and start shooting these pigs? Flowers and street marches are not going to do a damn thing in Cuba. Look at Iran – half the country took to the streets (and actually fought the dictator’s thugs), and what happened? The American colonists didnt win their freedom with marches and flowers- why then do we demand and expect the people in Cuba to do so any differently?

  2. The island will be free when thousands of Havana citizens are simultaneously willing to be shot for rioting … and sadly, probably not a day sooner. 🙁

  3. Mojito, I get the feeling that besides Cuba being one large concentration camp, that the Cuban people psychologically exhibit the same lethargic acceptance of their lot with no will to fight, much like the WWII concentration camp prisoners looked like after being liberated by the Allies.

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