Preparing Cuba for a free market

Admittedly, the Cuban dictatorship’s recent announcement that it would allow 178 different jobs Cubans could do for themselves legally (as long as they give the regime a taste) makes for provocative headlines. The media is always looking for ways to cast the murderous Castro regime in a positive light, and this announcement gave them the opportunity to report unexpected news in a way that can favor the dictatorship. Nevertheless, the fact remains that Cuba is ruled by a monarchical totalitarian dictatorship, and regardless of what anyone may try to do in order to help the Cuban people improve their lot in life, the bloody fingers of the regime will be in everyone’s pie.

In a Public Radio International article, they try to examine the benefits of these so-called free market reforms in Cuba and how Cubans on the island can be helped to achieve business success. In the end, however, they cannot really get past the fact that the only reform that will give Cubans an opportunity to succeed in a free market is democratic reform.

Preparing Cuba for the free market from the US

Cuba is flirting with free-market reforms, while Cuban Americans try to help prepare the country for life under a version of capitalism.

The Castro regime recently announced it was laying off half a million workers from the government’s payroll. Then it followed up by announcing that, starting this month, Cubans will have more freedom when it comes to starting small private businesses, within limits, of course.

Some doubt whether or not these reforms will work. Antonio Jorge, who left Cuba in 1962 and is now a senior fellow at the Institute of Cuban Studies at the University of Miami, told PRI’s The World, “You cannot create a market economy simply by issuing a decree.”

I believe Antonio Jorge’s quote says it all: “You cannot create a market economy simply by issuing a decree.”

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