Obama administration approves more Cuba travel and remittance agencies

Café Fuerte is reporting that the Obama administration has approved more agencies to provide travel and remittance services to Cuba.

You can read the article in Spanish HERE, and below is a list of the new agencies:

1- Buenos Travels, Alburquerque, NM (09/07/2010)
2- Havana Travel Service, LLC, Los Angeles, CA (09/17/2010)
3- Malecon Envios, Inc., Miami (09/17/2010)
4- TVidal & General Services Corp., Jacksonville (10/04/2010)
5- La Caribeña Travel, Corp., Hialeah (10/04/2010)
6- Jacub International, Miami Shores (10/04/2010)
7- Feitoo Travel, Inc., Miami (10/04/2010)
8- Mambo King, Inc., Miami (10/04/2010)
9- ABC Travel, Inc., Miami (10/04/2010)

1- Atenas de Cuba Travel, Miami (09/01/2010)
2- Celimar Travel of Hialeah, Hialeah (09/03/2010)
3- Todo Services, LLC, St. Petersburg, FL (10/05/2010)
4- Barbara’s Enterprises, Inc., Casselberry, FL (09/20/2010)
5- Rey Travel, Inc., Hialeah (09/20/2010)

3 thoughts on “Obama administration approves more Cuba travel and remittance agencies”

  1. As if any more affiliates of Castro, Inc. were needed. Of course, those who use them know the score, so it’s not as if anybody’s being fooled.

  2. Our current POTUS is going to free Cuba by providing more assistance to the Castro brothers.

    What a disgusting bullshit!

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