Orlando Sentinel: This Hyper-Partisan Fever Needs An Antidote


The Orlando Sentinel just couldn’t do it. Just couldn’t bring itself to throw its endorsement behind another term for Alan Grayson. He’s just too nutty for the nut House:

Seeking his second term representing Florida’s 8th Congressional District, Democrat Alan Grayson of Orlando carries the hyper-partisan fever that has gripped Washington, D.C. Fortunately for voters in the district, there is an antidote: his opponent, Republican Dan Webster of Winter Garden.

In only two years in the U.S. House, representing a district that runs north from Celebration into Orange, Lake and Marion counties, Mr. Grayson has become nationally notorious for his over-the-top attacks on Republicans. Who could forget these greatest hits? He declared that the GOP health plan was for Americans to “die quickly” if they get sick. He used a vulgar acronym to say that former Vice President Dick Cheney should shut up. He called Republicans “knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.”

He has kept up this scorched-earth approach in his re-election campaign, branding Mr. Webster “Taliban Dan” and “a draft dodger” in a couple of ads. Independent fact-checking organizations have judged those ads as false. So have we.

Mr. Grayson’s antics are not merely an embarrassment to himself and his district. They deepen the partisan divide that has left Congress almost dysfunctional.


In sharp contrast to Mr. Grayson, Mr. Webster was a Republican state legislator for nearly three decades whose civility and statesmanship earned him the admiration of Democrats. He wasn’t just a nice guy; he was effective. He played a leading role in raising education standards, reforming welfare and opening lawmaking to more public scrutiny. During his term as House speaker, Republicans and Democrats agreed to a statewide expansion of Healthy Families, a successful program to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Like other Republicans running this year, Mr. Webster has pledged to bring federal spending under control. His call, however, to roll back spending to 2007 levels is unrealistic, as is his vow to cut taxes. We take more comfort from his experience in balancing state budgets year after year.

Mr. Grayson has attacked Mr. Webster for his arch-conservative positions on abortion and other social issues. We don’t care much for those positions, either. We urge him, if elected, to focus instead on bipartisan solutions to the nation’s biggest problems, starting with reviving the economy. His experience in Tallahassee gives us good reason to think he can.

We endorse Dan Webster.

Oh, and Grayson’s upset his kids have seen “negative” ads against him on TV.

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  1. Grayson is a monumental asshole, but such people have always existed and always will, like cockroaches. The real problem is that enough other people would ever support him and put him in office. Those people bother me more than he does. They’re the real embarrassment.

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