They write letters…

Gene Finger writes a letter to the St. Augustine Record:

By Gene Finger

Editor: Marco Rubio portrays himself in his campaign commercials as a son of Cuban exiles. The Cuban exiles have an obsession with Fidel Castro to the extent that they are hurting their own people, the real Cubans who still live in Cuba, by blocking free trade with Cuba.

If our Congress would permit free trade and American investment in Cuba, it would improve the Cuban economy and create jobs both in Cuba and here in the United States. But our Congress is afraid of the Cuban exiles lobby and losing their vote.

If Marco Rubio is elected to the U.S. Senate, he would be a powerful opponent to free trade with Cuba, and as his past record indicates, a strong supporter of illegal immigration.

Yes, it is really silly to obsess over a tyrant that has the blood of tens of thousands of innocent Cubans on his hands and has imprisoned hundreds of thousands of others. Really, we should get over it. Perhaps if we Cuban exiles were “real Cubans,” as Finger points out, we would not be so prone to such ridiculous obsessions.

7 thoughts on “They write letters…”

  1. This guy throws in everything but the kitchen sink. His first approach is the typical “liberal” pro-engagement approach about free trade with Cuba as a means of democratizing the country and then for good measure, he comes out of left field with a conservative argument about a totally unrelated issue: illegal immigration, accusing Rubio of being in favor of uncontrolled illegal immigration and presumably all that implies.

    What a hater!

  2. Marco Rubio is “a strong supporter of illegal immigration.” ?? Call me crazy, but I can’t follow that kind of logic. If you can call this bigotry, logic.

  3. “The only thing “progressive” about Gene is his stupidity and his bigotry.”

    Ditto Alberto,

    Gene is another Forrest Gump; stupid is as stupid does…

  4. Just a Crister trying to muddy the waters. Its over for them and they know it. Rubio will win and Im proud to have been supporting him from the beginning.

    We may see him attacked more openly in the next couple of weeks bye the MSM and the controlled “Spanish” networks. He will just get stronger. VOTE!

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