A rocker in the Tea Party

Moe Tucker of the Velvet Underground sets the record straight:

In April 2009, WALB-TV aired a story about a Tea Party rally in nearby Tifton, Georgia. About two-and-a-half minutes into the feature, one “Maureen Tucker, Tea Party Supporter” was quoted as saying, “I’m furious about the way we’re being led toward socialism. I’m furious about the incredible waste of money, when things that we really need and are important get dropped, because there’s no money left.”

Eighteen months later, the news story somehow ended up posted on YouTube, and the blogosphere started buzzing. Could this actually be Moe Tucker, former drummer for the Velvet Underground, one of the most influential and iconic rock bands of all time? All signs pointed to yes. It certainly looked like Tucker, and it was well known that she’d moved to southern Georgia with her family decades earlier. The Huffington Post confirmed the story by reaching Tucker at home; she wouldn’t discuss the matter or her political views any further.

For a few days – practically dog years in Internet time – the reaction was swift and furious. Liberals declared themselves depressed and shocked that one of their idols was caught on tape speaking out against a Democratic administration. Some conservatives, meanwhile, congratulated her on her courage and welcomed her to their presumptive fold next to noted right-wing rockers Johnny Ramone and Alice Cooper.

We were curious to know more from Tucker herself, so we tracked her down and asked for an interview. She agreed to answer some questions via email.


Mike Appelstein: In the now-infamous videotape, you indicated that you’re furious about the way we’re being led toward socialism and “incredible waste of money” being spent. Could you elaborate a bit on these sentiments?

Moe Tucker: No country can provide all things for all citizens. There comes a point where it just isn’t possible, and it’s proven to be a failure everywhere it’s been tried. I am not oblivious to the plight of the poor, but I don’t see any reason/sense to the idea that everyone has to have everything, especially when the economy is so bad. I see that philosophy as merely a ploy to control.

My family was damn poor when I was growing up on Long Island. There were no food stamps, no Medicaid, no welfare. If you were poor, you were poor. You didn’t have a TV, you didn’t have five pairs of shoes, you didn’t have Levi’s, you didn’t have a phone; you ate Spam, hot dogs and spaghetti. We all survived! I am not against food stamps, welfare or Medicaid, if only they would oversee these programs properly!

I am also against the government taking over the student loan program, car companies, bailouts and the White House taking control of the census (what the hell is that all about?); [about] any First Lady telling (I know, I know, “suggesting to”) us what to eat, the mayor of New York City declaring “no salt” (screw you, pal!), the mayor/city commissioners of Anytown, U.S.A. declaring you can’t fly a flag, can’t say the Pledge of Allegiance and can’t sing the National Anthem. I’m against a President dismissing any and all who dare to disagree; the water being turned off in (central) California, at [an] area where they’ve turned off the water because they want to save a one-inch fish — turning that huge area of farming land into another dustbowl — the insipid start of food supply control methinks! The government deciding what kind of lightbulbs we can use (all you “think green” people, three objections to this b.s.: 1) Those bulbs give off the light of a candle; 2) They’re very expensive; 3) They have mercury in them – how the hell are we supposed to dispose of them?).

Read the whole glorious exhibition of common sense and liberty!

4 thoughts on “A rocker in the Tea Party”

  1. Just went to the site link and read some of the comments there.

    I just love how she’s being bashed for bitching about her Social Security being slighted while this admin. and Congress have borrow (and spent) in 22 months what it took the Republic 214 years to borrow.

    Medicare and Social Security are facts of life here in the USA. While I don’t want to see them grow/expand or become anymore depended upon, I also am realistic that there are people, especially the senior generation, that cannot and should not be kicked to the curb.

    What the hell is wrong with these people who insist on countering conservative anti-government control with “Well, I guess you want to get rid of SS, Medicare and the VA then, huh?”

    That ‘counter’ argument makes about as much sense as a “poopy-flavored” lollipop (as someone once said in a movie).

    What these idiots completely step over is the fact those ARE existing government programs that are broken, plagued with fraud, and their funds constantly robbed for other programs. Exactly what the hell makes them think more government controlled (BIGGER) programs will be run any better … and not robbed of funds? ObamaCare itself has a couple years of money collecting before the supposed medical end of it kicks in. As IF in that time Congress wouldn’t find something to steal those funds for, and then NOT have ObamaCare “paid for”.

    Michael Savage is right: Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

  2. I have the Velvet Underground and Nico by Andy Warhol which is one of the most influential LP’s produced in the 1960’s. It’s very trippy–I really like it–and its all about drugs, LSD, it even has a song that was written about Edie Sedgwick entitled “Femme Fatale.” Moe Tucker was the percussionist.

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