U.S. Diplomats hold talks with Cuban dictatorship about Alan Gross

Arturo Valenzuela met with Bruno Rodriguez, the Cuban dictatorship’s Foreign Minister regarding the illegal arrest and prolonged detainment of American aid worker Alan Gross. As is usually the case when dealing with a rogue regime interested only in its self preservation, the talks were fruitless.

Cuba, U.S. talk on jailed American

High-level U.S. and Cuban diplomats discussed the case of a government subcontractor held in Havana.

The Obama administration’s top diplomat on Latin America has met with Cuba’s foreign minister to press for the release of a U.S. citizen jailed in Havana since December — the latest in a recent string of high-level bilateral sessions.

Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere Arturo Valenzuela and Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez met in New York during a U.N. gathering last month, the State Department’s top spokesman said Monday.

The previously unknown session was the most recent in a string of meetings between officials of the two countries, which have not had full diplomatic relations since the early 1960s.

“The meeting was to encourage the release of Alan Gross,” Philip J. Crowley, assistant secretary for public affairs, told reporters during a briefing in Washington.

Asked if Havana gave any sign that Gross would be freed, Crowley said, “I’m not aware that they did.”

Capitol Hill Cubans has more on the talks that ended up being nothing more than just talk.

We should keep in mind that this is the regime that “Cuba Experts” keep telling us will respond positively to dialogue and engagement.

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  1. He’s unlikely to be released as long as he’s considered a sufficiently good bargaining chip, unless Castro, Inc. gets an offer it can’t refuse, which is also unlikely.

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