PC Has Officially Become MC … Muslim Correctness

I have always said FOX News’s contention that they are “Fair and Balanced” is spot-on. Why? Because they only piss me off 40-50% of the time. The other cable networks and alphabet networks do that 95-100% of the time (the 5% are those ‘fluff’ stories like family dogs wandering home across the country after being separated from his human pets while on vacation). But FOX’s liberal contributors are, for the most part, well-spoken and intelligent beyond the crafted talking points. Yes, there are one or two I can do without on FOX, but the fact that the cable network does have an honest-to-God balance presented to the viewing audience cannot be denied. I have not seen this on the other outlets, where it’s usually one conservative to 3-4 liberals (one of which is the network desk anchor). FOX’s actual news anchors show themselves to be challenging to both sides represented when having them debate an issue or topic (something obviously not afforded in the political race debates).

Of the liberals represented on FOX News two of the more level-headed and independent thinking are Juan Williams and Mara Liasson. Both are/were NPR contributors as well. Roughly a year ago, when the Obama White House officially declared war on FOX News, NPR began pressuring Liasson and Williams to leave their contributorship ties with FNC. NPR has since tried to either deny or step-back from this, but as with anything in the public courtroom it’s already been heard and cannot be discounted.

A few days ago Juan Williams was on FNC with Bill O’Reilly discussing O’Reilly’s recent dust-up on ABC’s hen house “The View” over the fact the liberals/left are now refusing to identify the 9-11 terrorists as “Muslims”. They insist the word must be “radicals” … Well, radical whats? Opossums? Hillbillies? Christians (because you KNOW these same people would be stressing the “C” word were it the fact)?

Williams made an honest remark about where the psyche of some people are, including himself, post 9-11, especially since it was not an isolated incident as the last nine years have shown, and the previous decade prior. Even Fox and Friends Brian Kilmeade remarked the following morning that “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims”, and had to apologize the next day for expressing the obvious.

Late last night the taxpayer funded network NPR fired Juan Williams for the remarks he made on The O’Reilly Factor. Nothing he said was anymore ‘inflammatory’ than anything any of NPR’s on air staff has said in the past, wishing death on. I like Juan Williams, and Mara Liasson. He/They only piss me off 40-50% of the time … and even when they do it’s NOT because they have gone to the talking points and offered them with the smug snideness you see from so many other liberal talking heads. Both are deserving of respect. Not only do they give their opinions but I also see them listening and actually evaluating opposing views when they are on the panels on FNC. They have class and intelligence. I also recall Juan Williams coming out strong about a year ago to defend Bill O’Reilly from “racist” allegations from the MSM after his benign remarks that were meant in praise of a diner he had the pleasure of dining at in Harlem. Williams has on more than one occasion to stand up and call “Bullshit!” on charges of racism where it is unfounded and fabricated. Why? Because he knows racism, just as “Nazi” charges, should never be used in vain.

I don’t know how the rest of you feel about Juan Williams. I know that I’d be bored to death, as a news and political junkie, to not hear intelligent opposing views. If anything it fuels my convictions. And Juan Williams is one of those opposing views I would love to sit across the table from and share a long couple hours picking his brain and force-feeding mine to him. If we have lost this ability in this wonderful nation because one side has decided to move the goal posts for the other team we are in serious trouble. That is exactly what is happening right now. Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs has recently declared “truth is the new hate speech“. This nation has not yet gotten to the point of being forbidden to state the truth … However, you do it at your own risk.

Meanwhile, you have George Soros joining in the war on FNC and one man, Glenn Beck. We are in the Danger Zone, my friends, and the MSM is laying the land mines.

One more thing: I neglected to inform you that NPR was pressured by CAIR and liberal outfits backed by the likes of George Soros to fire Juam Williams.

Update: On FNC former speaker of The House Newt Gingrich is calling for a Congressional Hearing on the NPR firing. Rightly so, as I stated NPR is taxpayer funded and this is a clear case of silencing ‘free speech’. Here is a report on NPR’s ‘reasoning’ of the firing. And here is where you can comment to NPR on this matter.

Update 2: Bill O’Reilly: ‘It’s Over for NPR’

7 thoughts on “PC Has Officially Become MC … Muslim Correctness”

  1. Truth is the new hate speech is so good.
    How do you know CAIR, backed by SOROS pressured this firing?
    I hope NPR is never going to get another dime from the government. But considering the Black Panther non prosecution and other nutty choices of this administration (Is it true that they will not try those responsible for the Cole bombing?) why should we expect them to do the right thing about cutting funding to NPR?

  2. Honey –

    People are connecting the dots. Check the links in the last post:


    Soros gave NPR $1.8M very recently. The interview FNC’s Megyn Kelly did with CAIR’s Hooper this afternoon was very ‘telling’. I know. A lot of dots.

    Sen. Jim DeMint will be introducing legislation to defund NPR


    Others are calling for the same, and an investigation.

  3. My favorite clip about liberals:


    The thing is if you read the comments on these things, you can see America is divided. It is so disturbing. Truth is so easily turned on its head by NPR listeners.

    So here’s the sequence:
    NPR commentaotr, Nina Totenburg can say all sorts of goofy things like wishing someone whom she disagrees with dead from Aids; that’s just hunky dory with NPR.
    Marty Moss-Coane can invite Carlos Eire on as an expert to discuss something about the next Castro taking power, and then, without a heads up, blindside him by also having on the program a Cuba “expert” who brags about all of Cuba’s wonders and mock all that Professor Eire says. This was so painful to listen to. It would be like inviting a Holocaust survivor to tell of his experiences and then not warn him that he would be sharing the stage with a holocaust denier whose opinions would have equal merit.
    If a Supreme Court decision calls it suppression of free speech not to allow corporations to give money, (The decision also said the same for unions, but never mind) NPR commentators go ballistic because everyone knows corporations are evil and dangerous.
    The decision here on the firing says NPR commentators do not express personal opinions; they interview people who express personal opinions. Well, let’s watch from now on how accurate that statement is. Come on Brent Bozell. Call them out on that absurd assertion every time you can.
    NPR calls it objective News reporting when so much of what they present is slanted to make the right seem absurd.
    So a ten year commentator for them is let go for expressing an opinion that, at the moment, and with good reason, a majority of Americans agree with, and NPR fires him summarily. This can be called nothing but a suppression of free speech perpetrated by a government subsidized organization. So who do the comments skewer? DeMint. How dare he suggest that taxpayers should not be forced to pay for this?
    As with so many principles espoused by liberals and “progressives” they only apply when they are in the service of their prejudices. So if a liberal fights for women’s rights, that only applies to extorting businesses here to make up for ways they shortchanged women in the past, or if liberals brag about the year of the woman in an election cycle, that only applies to democrat women who are running. If the Bush coalition fights the Iraq War and millions of women become free as a result, Bush is unconscionable and a tyrant, not Saddam Hussein, But Bush.
    I am so sick of liberals.
    Anyone have more examples of what I’m trying to say?

  4. NPR CEO Vivian Schiller wants “psychiatric treatment” for Juan. Funny how all the fascists always fall back onto “the camps” for those with whom they disagree. And the $1M check from Gyorgy Schwartz speaks volumes also.

    Palin is right, defund it once and for all, and revoke the charter of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This is all simply the last-resort fascist Shadow Ministry of Propaganda for when the rest of their propaganda organs finally go out of business.

    I seldom agree with Mr. Williams, but he’s a rare on-air neoliberal that at least argues substance rather than immediately going ad-hominem. He evidently simply disagrees rather than simply hates, and thus threatened to become too much of an alternative role model for Gyorgy’s liking. Maybe this incident will help further educate him about the consequences of aligning himself with fascism purporting to be liberalism.

    And how did a Hungarian Jewish-but-Jew-robbing ex-contract manhunter for the Third Reich amass so much power over our political process? Talk about being one of the “enemies foreign and domestic” all at the same time!

  5. I, too have always liked Juan Williams. I disagree with most of his opinions, but he is cordial and presents his thoughts in quiet arguments. I used to especially like when Brit Hume would educate him and he would sit there taking it in and often be unable to answer. But mostly Mr. Williams gives as good as he gets. He is brave. He may have said what I didn’t agree with but he never offended me. That’s saying something.
    How I wished to see the day when he would figure it out that he has been defending the wrong side. But always I thought that if we were going to listen to a liberal, he is a good one for the job.
    Notice how Obama asserts (and thus it becomes the new mantra for the msm) that the right has suspicious funding sources, foreign and untraceable. But the left never brings up Soros’s having bought and paid for the other side.

  6. NPR’s disingenuous blather made it clear, the order to fire Mr. Williams came from on high, likely instigated by a remorseless nazi-collaborator who, despite facial procedures, still resembles a troll.

    The troll hoped to stay hidden as he pulled his biggest gag, that of stripping us of liberty and wealth by means of criminal front groups and their goons, all of which he funds from the shadows.

    But legions of citizen reporters exposed him to the world on The Net and Talk Radio and ruined the best part of the gag, his former and now gone-forever invisibility.

    Scales shortly began to fall from citizens’ eyes as they awakened to the decades-long scam pulled on them by pols, connivers, and their media shill parrots.

    Nothing disinfects like light and citizens shined The Net’s light on the troll, his schemes, and the goons he hoped would work them.

    Denied both cover and his way, he’s in a frenzy, flailing, screaming, hopping about on the rickety planks of his oh-so-swell Hamptons manse, barking at anyone fool enough to buy into his shopworn, failed, communist lies.

    When caught, as we’ve seen abundantly from The Zecchino Estate Grifters and similar criminals, they do the same thing. They fall silent. Then they lie, deny, and scream ‘Shut up!’. Failing that, they pull tricks, all of which will fail them, as The Net and Talk Radio exposed and thus preempted them. Good for us. For them, less so.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasoviet Key, Florida
    21 October, 2010

    “World domination, the same old dream. Our
    institutions are filled with men who think
    they’re Napoleon – or God.”
    – James Bond
    “Dr. No”
    c. 1960, Ian Fleming

  7. paul vincent zecchino –

    George Soros is on public record not only admitting his Nazi collaberation but profiting from it … and says he’s not sorry for it.

    [[[Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes asked him that. Was it difficult? “Not at all,” Soros answered.

    “No feeling of guilt?” asked Kroft. “No,” said Soros. “There was no sense that I shouldn’t be there. If I wasn’t doing it, somebody else would be taking it away anyhow. Whether I was there or not. So I had no sense of guilt.”]]]

    Soros is trying to piss on that fire he started:


    So, which is it, George? You in your own words, or you in a slick legal move?

    Having said that, I want to know why he’s never been investigated by the ‘almighty’ world court and Jewish rights groups for his part in WWII and tried for such. I have no sympathy for anyone that had a hand in that abomination of humanity and the near destruction of an entire continent. But I have a real hard time not wondering why so much effort has been put forth to hunt down and drag off John Demjanjuk for justice, but Soros is not only allowed to continue his self-serving profiteering across the world, but heralded for it.

    Here’s more of the Soros interview so you can get the context of his mind-set:


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