What the hell would a Cuban know about Cuba?

Cuban Dissident Urges EU to Maintain Tough Line Toward Havana

SANTA CLARA, Cuba – Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas, named Thursday as the recipient of the European Parliament’s 2010 Sakharov Prize for human rights, said the European Union should maintain its “common position” toward the regime in Havana due to the lack of democratic reforms or human rights advances on the communist-ruled island.

“I think the Cuban government is playing at improving its image and still has not understood that it’s time to change. Dictatorships are no longer in vogue,” Fariñas, who has staged numerous hunger strikes to bring attention to censorship and repression by the Castro government, told Efe in an interview from his home in the central city of Santa Clara.

Europe should ignore Fariñas call to maintain pressure on the Castro dictatorship and instead they should listen to the “Cuba Experts.” Dialogue and engagement with the Cuban regime is the key.

Whose advice are you going to follow regarding Cuba, EU? The “Cuba Experts,” and their expert analysis, or some lowly Cuban from Cuba?

3 thoughts on “What the hell would a Cuban know about Cuba?”

  1. “The conservatives oppose moves to formally abandon the EU’s 1996 “common position” toward Cuba, which conditions better relations on political liberalization by Havana.”

    Indeed, what “hard ‘freakin line” is this “common position?” Travelers, trade and credits flow freely from Europe to Cuba….Don’t let the Saharov hoopla Fool ya. Don’t let it get you sidetracked, off-the-scent. It’s U.S. tourists the Castroites CRAVE right now…it’s throwing the safety rope to a drowning regime– and Farinas is with them on that VITAL issue…

  2. Fariñas made colonel in Castro’s army before he supposedly saw the light. COLONEL. You don’t make that in that outfit for being a nice guy, or even a good soldier. In Castro’s Cuba, nobody rises that high unless the regime is DAMN sure you’re reliably and fully on its side. Let’s just say the guy is much, MUCH more dubious than somebody like Biscet (who isn’t rotting in jail for nothing).

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