Debbie Wasserman-Schultz No Likey Allen West

In regards to the contrast between her protest (in the video @ 3:08 mark) and the Tea Party protests she points out:

“I don’t see any Swastikas here … or any pictures of ‘the president’ in “black-face” … or burned in effigy here … it’s dramatically different.”

Deb hun,

1) the “swastikas” shown at Tea Party rallies are few, and meant to signify YOU GUYS!

2) I have never seen anybody burn anything at a Tea Party rally

3) “black-face”?? Really? You might want to re-think that one for sure.

4) Go, Allen West!

5) One more thing, Deb, the Tea Parties are made up primarily of … women.

3 thoughts on “Debbie Wasserman-Schultz No Likey Allen West”

  1. It’s something we all know about…hear and see all the time…should be completely used to it…and yet, ….there’s no way to stop the indignation from rising up like a hot current when this sort of bald faced hypocricy rises up time and again. I just can’t muster any different reaction to these demon posessed liars.

  2. Why should she like him? He’s not a “proper” black man, just like Cubans are not a “proper” minority.

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